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    Will a Cancer-leo cusp woman be compatible with a pure aeries man?
    I am a cancer-leo cusp( july 22) and my friend is an aeries( april 2). I am seriously attracted to him or even you can have like i love him and i wish to marry him. But will this relationship workout upto marriage? I am verifying this here because i have heard like these two signs are not compatible and move on after a few days/months.

    • ANSWER:
      Why would you let something as trivia as your zodiac sign stop you from doing ANYthing, let alone dating. Don't follow that stuff. It isn't true.

    What would a relationship be like between and cancer-leo cusp and virgo?
    Im a Cancer Leo Cusp girl born July 23. I know this guy i like is a Virgo but i dont know his actual birthday. what would our relationship be like based on this? are we compatible? thanks :)

    • ANSWER:
      Not a good match at all.. My virgo ex was unable to understand my emotions and feelings. He was very much able to control his emotions well. I am very warm,affectionate & caring person but he was totally my opposite.. very cold like ice.,and the communication was really weird. Our relationship ended very badly which left tears in my eyes forever..

    How well would things work out between a cancer cusp leo girl and an aries guy?
    Hers: Cancer-Leo cusp
    Venus: Cancer
    Mars: Virgo

    His: Aries
    Venus: Pisces
    Mars: Leo
    seriously, if you guys are so against these kind of questions, why bothering to answer for the 2 fucking points?! Give me a break...

    • ANSWER:
      Maybe they shouldn't let some pseudo-science dictate their lives.

    How compatible is a cancer/leo cusp and a scorpio/sagittarius?
    i'm a cancer/leo cusp and my boyfriend is a scorpio/sagittarius. Anybody got an idea?

    • ANSWER:
      Very much so

    What are good names for female Cancers and Leos?
    I'm having twin girls due around the Cancer-Leo cusp so they will either end up Cancers or Leos, any suggestions? Also, if you are a Cancer or a Leo, what is your name and do you think it suits you?

    • ANSWER:
      Julie &

      Have a beautiful delivery!

    How well would things work out between a cancer cusp leo girl and an aries guy? REPOSTED FOR SERIOUS ANSWERS?
    Hers: Cancer-Leo cusp
    Venus: Cancer
    Mars: Virgo

    His: Aries
    Venus: Pisces
    Mars: Leo

    Also, if you don't believe in this, or this isn't what you're into, THEN GET THE F'UCK OUT OF THIS SECTION and don't waste people's time answering just for the 2 fuckin points, all it does is piss off the person asking -__-'

    • ANSWER:
      Yeah it'll work out great. Cancer and Aries usually tend to get on eeach other's nerves, but the act that you're a cusp of Leo, you'll be able to tolerate certain things about the Aries that other "normal" Cancers wouldn't. I don't know much about Venus and Mars signs, just moon and risings. But yeah, from what I know, it's a perfect match.

    what about horoscopes specifically for cusp?
    i'm a cancer/leo cusp, and i read both. i can not find or know if there are horoscopes for people who are cusps.

    • ANSWER:
      The belief that there are "cusp" periods for signs is, as far as I can tell after 20+ years as a professional astrologer, utterly false.

      You are a Cancer or you are a Leo. There is no "blending."

      Cancer is the fourth sign of the Zodiac; Leo is the fifth. Those born on the Cancer/Leo cusp have the vitality and ambition to be successful in their creative endeavors. Creativity is one of their keywords, and their caring nature ensures that the benefits of their imaginative powers help others. Cancer/Leos turn to nurturing the family group and take pride in their warm hospitality. They are emotional and traditional, interested in heredity and ancestors. Cancer/Leos can be prominent on stage and in film, as their natural ability to act and their flamboyance and love of attention make them naturals at fame.

      The astrological symbol of Cancer is the Crab; for Leo, it's the Lion. Cancer/Leos go through life with a strong shell around them that is not easily broken. However, Cancer/Leos are the first to express emotion in any given situation -- the first to laugh and the first to tears. In this way, the Cancerian influence exemplifies the cardinal quality assigned to it. They also have a strong ability to see their projects through to the end. In this way, Leo exemplifies the fixed quality assigned to it. Cancer/Leos are good organizers and tend to be popular, even inspiring.


    What are the major cons/pros of being on a cusp?
    I am a Cancer/Leo cusp, My birthday is July 22 1989 , what (if any) are the benefits/downfalls of being this?

    • ANSWER:
      Pros: You're not stuck with one sign. You can claim heritage to either sign to impress the ladies in the room, depending on the "mood". (ahem)

      Cons: Identity crisis, plus I think you have the same birthday as the Harry Potter guy. And he's strange.

    Is something going on in the stars thats making life currently difficult ?
    I am having legal trouble, stress.. all kinds of stuff going on i am a cancer/leo cusp i also heard on the radio about a cancer sign rapper who has some legal trouble.

    • ANSWER:
      maybe a saturn square or pluto opposition to the sun..
      im just lookin at the transits and pluto is across from cancer right now..
      and saturn looks like it might be square to it?..
      saturns teach lesson and plutos are intense..
      youre not alone on that

    What is a cancer -Leo cusp and what is a Gemini -cancer cusp?
    My b-day is July 18 doesthat make me just a Cancer or a Cancer Leo cusp? and what is a Cancer- leo cusp? Whats the cut off date? My girlfriends b-day is June 14 what does that make her?

    • ANSWER:
      you need your personal birth details with full date, time and place to get an accurate reading

      a sun sign is either one sign or the other, regardless of whether it is almost another sign

      The importance of having any planet on the cusp of a sign also depends on the rest of your chart.

      you are a cancer sun sign

      your girlfriend is a gemini sun sign

      The Sun Sign is what most people know without a doubt. It is also (usually) the most obvious part of the personality. The Sun is the conscious self. It is the behavior one is most comfortable with. It is the every day, fair-weather self. But there is much more to you than your Sun Sign..

      .. when emotions run high....

      That's when the Moon Sign comes out. We generally react in emotional situations according to the Moon Sign. This is the primal, subconscious self. You may even fantasize about behaving more like that sign, but it may not feel natural to you unless you're filled with happiness or sadness or anger. The Moon Sign also comes out when you feel very safe - either by yourself or with people you trust.

      But what about

      The Rising Sign - This is the most difficult element of the chart to explain, but may be even more important than the Sun Sign. In a nutshell, it is the Higher Self. You came into this life with one of the 12 signs of the zodiac on the horizon. This sign represents your horizon - your aspirations, what you look for in the world, and what you want to reflect. It is not surprising that much of your outward appearance, or the way you present yourself to others is determined by the Rising Sign, (and also by any planets that were rising when you were born - the Sun, Moon and planets rule the Zodiac - so a person with Venus rising is much like a Libra or Taurus rising, and Moon rising is just like Cancer rising, etc.) We want to attract and bring into our lives that which we aspire to. A Libra rising person looks for beauty, equality and comfort - and his/her natural beauty and charm are helpful in bringing it. An Aries rising individual looks for excitement and new challenges. Her/his look of bold determination and fearlessness is conducive to finding it! The Rising Sign changes continually throughout the day - so Birth Time and Place are essential pieces of information in determining the Rising Sign.

      Why is the Rising Sign so important? Once you discover why you have the particular Rising Sign you do, you will be on the road to realizing and sharing one of your most powerful gifts. It represents an important aspect of what you were born to work on perfecting in this life (it could take several lifetimes.) So, why does Scorpio Rising look for power, secrets and extreme emotions? Why does Aquarius Rising look for equality and brotherhood? Why does Sagittarius Rising look at the world with a wise, philosophical viewpoint?

    Pisces and Cancer Leo cusp. How compatible? Any stories from experience?
    I'm a pisces born on the 4th March 1994
    He's a cancer leo cusp born on the 23rd July 1995

    • ANSWER:
      Pisces and Cancer are natural partners. Leo also tends to be a good match for Pisces, since they both need lots of attention from their partners. The leaning towards Cancer will also tone down Leo's showiness.

      Moon signs are an even better indication of compatibility.

    Aquarius girl and Cancer/Leo Cusp boy is it a good match ?
    please tell me more about cancer/leo cusp ... are we good match ?

    • ANSWER:
      since he is a cancer/leo cusp that leo part might help relationship work since aquarius and leo are polar opposite signs and they can attract each other. we can learn to gain what leo has in traits while they can learn from us as well.
      on the other hand he is a cancer and so this relationship will have problems since cancer are too emotional, moody, needy and us aquarius girls are emotional detached and independent.

      don't worry though it can work, read this link
      here's a link to a similar question asked and i answered (i got best answer yay!);_ylt=Ap0Wb7jhaW1Pmc9jS4qjXUHty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100408181146AAy4kJ1&show=7#profile-info-lcLZYdl7aa

    are cancers suppose to doing really good in the money/job area right now?
    im a cancer/leo cusp and last year struggled with money,had no car, or job, this year i got an extra 1,000 dollars from my school,found a 100 dollar bill on the ground,got 100 dollar gift card for christmas, and now all the places i applied at are calling me for interviews and i just got a 14,000 worth car for 2,000....any other cancers having this much luck with money or jobs right now?

    love life sucks btw.

    • ANSWER:
      Love life is not so much. I've been out of a job since November and haven't had any luck finding a new one.

    compatibility for a Gemini woman and a Cancer-Leo on the cusp man?
    Could someone be ever so kind to explain the compatibility for a Gemini woman and a man on the cusp of Cancer/Leo, please?

    • ANSWER:
      better to deal with date of birth.

    Can a cancer/leo cusp be good with a pisces?
    I am a cancer /leo and married to pisces and i feel that my leo side is coming out this bad? I am more oppinianated and more outgoing?

    • ANSWER:
      How can you be both cancer and leo that only works if you have two birthdays

    How much can you tell me about a cancer cusp?
    This person's birthday is on July 22, 1992
    How much could you tell me about this person?
    How much of a cancer/leo are they?
    Thank you for any help.

    • ANSWER:

      I provided a link for you describing Cancer traits.

      I study sidereal astrology which is the most accurate. There are no cusps. Your friend is a Cancer. Actually birth date for cancers are:
      July 16th to August 16th.

      Have fun with it, it would not be feasible to list all cancer attributes here as it would be exhausting and there are other things one would need to look at in the chart other than the sun sign which does not hold our personalities but our spirit and the energy that we chose to use to move through this life. Your friend chose, intuition, emotions, empathic, family, home, children, friends, comfort in food and routine to move through this life.

      Remember in the link they are going to provide you with tropical birthdates....incorrect, but the energy descriptions ARE correct.
      Have fun with it.
      Hope this helps?


    Would I work well with these star signs?
    I was born on a Cancer-Leo cusp. Would I work well with a male Leo? Would I work well with a male Aries?

    • ANSWER:
      No such thing as a cusp. You're either Cancer or Leo.

    Is there a mercury retrograde in place right now?
    I am a cancer/leo cusp with mercury in leo. also my horoscope says the transit Mercury Conjunction Uranus is in my chart what does this mean
    what does the retrograde mean for people with mercury in leo?

    • ANSWER:
      Your logic and reasoning comes from your heart, (Leo). When Mercury crosses over Uranus in your chart it can make things suddenly seem clear to you. you may think, why haven;t I realised this before. You may be attracted to new and different ways of doing things. Be careful not to rush into something that you may end up saying, well, it was a good idea at the time! People may even be shocked at some of your ideas or things you say at this time so take your time and consider things first before coming out with any major statements or contribution to debates etc.
      Look to see which house Mercury is now in, this may show the area of life these things could arise, also the house with Virgo on the cusp.

    What do you think about cusp signs? Are they important? Do they tell a lot about an individual?
    I'm a Gemini-Cancer cusp and I've definitely found that I share aspects of the two signs. Does anybody know anything about Gemini-Cancer cusps?

    • ANSWER:
      I do think they are Very important.. im a Cancer-Leo cusp myself, and I also see the aspects of both signs...

      my reason for believing in cusps is because in life, everything must go through a transition, and nothing simply changes from one thing into another abruptly.

      Gemini-Cancer cusps are typically:
      Perceptive, Versatile, Patient, Intelligent, Imaginative, Lively one moment, then shy the other.

      On the the other hand they are also:
      Nervous, Hypersensitive, superficial, mood,
      chock full of avarice, yet sometimes a bit wasteful with money.

      These people will sometimes be the life of the party, using their Gemini conversational skills and their terrific sense of Cancerian humour, to keep the crowd entertained..
      But sometimes they may get hit with a stroke of Cancerian moodiness, and randomly become sulky and quiet.. but soon the liveliness of Gemini will have them out of their moods in no time..

      Having cancer traits they'll be brilliant at saving money, however, they periodically go on little splurges of money, then afterward feel sulky because they spent their precious money (A cancerian no no).

      They're overall great people, once you get past the little kinks,
      Hope I helped you..

    What is the best match for a cancer/leo cusp female?
    with a gemini cancer cusp moon?

    • ANSWER:
      pisces emotional and passionate like u

    Do you personally believe that horoscopes hold any truth?
    I did research on my own horoscope and discovered that I was a cancer-leo cusp. I found some striking similarities between myself and the description which the website provided. I'm not sold by the idea, and I haven't done any further research onto different horoscopes to see if there is similar generalizations and what not. What do you personally believe and what more can you tell me about myself ? :P

    • ANSWER:
      Why want to be seen as a preconceived stereotype that strangers make up? There are no statistical evidence that supports astrology in any area. As for testing, astrology fails to do better than guessing.

      Besides, telling me what I already know is useless. Why should something as great and powerful as astrology need belief for it to work?

      I believe astrology is a bigotry. No one chooses when they are born.

    Would these two cusps work well together?
    Scorpio / Saggitarius cusp girl

    Cancer / Leo cusp guy.

    With me I act more toward Scorpio and He acts more Cancer..

    But whats your opinion?

    • ANSWER:
      I think any two signs can be compatible, however 'astrologically' this seems to be a good match. Cancer is supposed to go well with Scorpio and Leo is supposed to go well with Sagittarius.

    What horoscope tendencies do you think i have?
    My birthday is on 23rd July
    on the cusp between cancer/leo
    what tendencies do you think this would give me?

    • ANSWER:
      Sensitive, Warm-hearted, Nice, Friendly, Caring, Loyal, Moody, Generous, Good-Looking, Sweet, Talented, Funny, and you have the same birthday as sasuke (maybe you watch this anime in you childhood)

    Do you agree Leos only look like theyre better than everyone else?
    Im a scorp sag, I lived with and my best friends are Taurus, Sag, sag, scorp sag, sag, pisces, sag, cancer, cancer, gemini. Taurus/aries cusp. Best female friend cancer, Leo(but i have to jump in the table and slap her face for one hour to get her to go out. But you see hardly any Leo hahahagahaha. They take things to serious, and try to hard. I just want to have fun ya know.

    • ANSWER:
      we know you want to have fun! and so do Leos btw

      I definitely do not try to be "better than everyone else". If somebody doesn't like me, I don't like them back. Simple as that. When people are down and sad or bored, guess who's the one breaking the sad mood and making them laugh? So I'm definitely not a conceited or arrogant idiot like everyone who don't know Leos try to portray them... We have bad traits but for someone with lots of Leos in their charts, the bad traits are something else like naivety, vulnerability, aggression. Not "arrogance" and stuff like that.

    Do you agree Leos only look like theyre better than everyone else?
    Im a scorp sag, I lived with and my best friends are Taurus, Sag, sag, scorp sag, sag, pisces, sag, cancer, cancer, gemini. Taurus/aries cusp. Best female friend cancer, Leo(but i have to jump in the table and slap her face for one hour to get her to go out.

    • ANSWER:
      I don't even think that's correct. I don't think that Leos look better or worse than anyone else. I lived with one for 7 years and he didn't take care of himself, so he wasn't exactly hot. And still isn't. I've had tons of Leo women for roommates over the years. None of them were particularly good looking, and most of them wore too much makeup or were overweight. I'm not saying there aren't some pretty Leos out there, but as a sign, they are definitely NOT all that and a bag of tater chips like a lot of them claim to be.

    How would a cancer male and leo female work in a relationship?
    well leo-virgo cusp if that makes any difference

    • ANSWER:
      According to my sign I'm supposed to be outgoing and stuff. Guess what? I'm not, and I don't get along well with the types I'm supposed to. Reading about non-sense is fun. Fortune Cookies are fun, but just use common sense and pick up a book on relationships.

    Question about my birthday being on the cusp of Cancer and Leo?
    My birthday is July 23rd, which means I'm on the cusp between Cancer and Leo. From what I've read, they are complete opposites.
    So what should I go by? Cancer or Leo?
    My personality changes all the time- I can be selfish, outgoing, and crazy (like Leo) and a complete introvert, feel like the world's out to get me, and be extremely sensitive (like Cancer).
    What should I do to find more out about my personality?

    Thanks. :)

    • ANSWER:
      "Individuals born on the cusp of Cancer (the fourth Sign of the Zodiac) and Leo (the fifth Sign of the Zodiac) are ruled by both the Sun and the Moon. These cuspians are witty, ambitious and sometimes, extremely unscrupulous. Indeed, this particular cusp combination frequently produces the most corrupt of politicians who attain eminence. These natives are experts at appealing to the various vulnerable points of their associates and the inherent daring ambition provides the power of securing for themselves the preferment and advancement to which they aspire, even though better individuals may, of necessity, be sacrificed to their progress. Nonetheless, Cancer/Leo subjects will nurture the family group and take pride in the warm hospitality they invariably provide."

    Are cancer/leo cusp people known to be very clingy?
    I'm a sagittarius, and I have a cancer/leo cusp friend... that's REALLY clingy... as in calling me every other hour.. when we had JUST finished talking. She's starting to get on my nerves.. but I don't know what to say to her. I don't want to hurt her feelings.... but it has gotten to the point where I've blocked her number a couple of times..or even hanged up on her.

    • ANSWER:
      Cancers are known to be clingy.

    How do you figure out Astrology and your sign?
    I'm quite curious on figuring out my personality and such through Astrology.

    I know that i am a cusp between cancer and Leo, but i also show traits of Capricorns and geminis.

    But how do i figure out more about it?

    • ANSWER:
      umm your zodiac sign is the month and date you were born. for example i was born on April 7. so im a aries. go to or google horoscopes. then your sign will be the sign that has your bday in it. those traits and things in that will tell you about the traits and things you should have.

    Is a Libra Guy and a Cancer/Leo cusp girl compatible?
    Him: Star/sun sign - Libra;
    Her: Star/Sun sign - Cancer/Leo (cusp)

    I would love to know everything about libra guy & Cancer/Leo girl compatibility.

    Thanks heaps :)

    • ANSWER:
      Overall, yes. The Libra is very much a loving zodiac sign, obsessed with love, while the Cancer cherishes it's partner. The Cancer girl might not take any initiative to make the first move or to cling to Libra, but with her cusp on Leo she definitely won't be scared to.

    How to tell if a virgo/leo cusp girl cares about you?
    my ex girlfriend is a virgo/leo cusp and we were very close, she seemed to hide her feelings a lot and we recently broke up, i told her i still have feelings for her but she told me she has none for me yet she still texts me often and seems jealous when i tell her thinks about other girls. its so difficult to tell how she feels, she wont tell me.

    i'm a cancer

    • ANSWER:
      It is true horoscopes don't mean anything. 1 night The parents decide to have intercourse, 9 months later they have a baby. What has that got to do with hu they like. Sounds like she might b playing hard ot get at though.

    How would you describe a cancer male?
    I'm just wondering because my cancer male friend can really bug the crap out of me, but he is also one of my favorite people. He is 6 years older than me, so he tends to be on the bossy side and somewhat controlling. At the same time, he can always pick up on my emotion, even when I don't say a word. He can be annoying because it is like every little frickin thing I do is being analyzed. We think a lot alike though. He is more social than your average cancer since he has an aqaruis moon. I'm a cancer-leo cusp (july 24) with a cancer rising and a libra moon, so I can understand him a little bit easier. So yea, your view?

    • ANSWER:
      you just decscribed me also can be very moody <----

    Would a Sagittarius woman make a good love match for a Cancer/Leo guy?
    I'm a Sagittarius, and the guy I'm considering is RIGHT on the cusp of Cancer and Leo. (He's technically a Cancer, but only by a couple of hours).

    Is this a good match? What can I expect?

    • ANSWER:
      Any mix is a good one as long as the two people are willing to compromise and give alittle on individually but just generally speaking... spend time getting to know his family he will appreciate that and if he is alittle bit of a home body and that gets on your nerves than try to tolerate it and enjoy the time with him no matter where it might be ... home or outside of the house. Meanwhile you try to broaden his horizons getting him out of the house and discovering things outside of his comfort zone. Generally your probably a social butterfly were he may not be necessarily. Just watch your flirty tendencies... dont be surprised to find he is alittle possessive and suspicious.

    Ive dated 3 cusps what type of persons attract people born on the cusp?
    Ive dated.

    Cancer/Leo cusp
    and Aries/Taurus cusp

    • ANSWER:
      My current boyfriend is on the Sagittarius/Capricorn cusp and it seems he is a little more complicated to figure out than usual for me.
      I guess anybody can attract people born on the cusps...there is not one specific sign that attracts more cusp signs than another as far as i know.

    Is a Cancer-leo-cusp, with an aries that bad a match?
    I know cancer and Aries together isn't really a good relationship, but it is said a good match for Aries is a leo. So if im on the cusp does that make our relationship better or worse?
    Thanks if you answer! <3

    • ANSWER:
      there is NO such thing as cusps, they were invented for commercial reasons

      Why do Astrologers say cusps aren't true?;_ylt=AjRmrViRhp0lgDd4yrVuEh48.Bd.;_ylv=3?qid=20120819124521AA3kgQ5

      Why do Astrologers say cusps don't apply to planets?;_ylt=Am9UOADN8hg2M2i.zMY.J6Pty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20120819010259AAKAvrB

      How to approach Synastry
      please read my thread above and do a little research, read my above thread and if you are still interested please make a new post WITH the correct charts. If you don't have a correct TOB for the other person, just use 12noon, if you use TOB unknown then it won't create a bi wheel....

      Synastry aspects calculator
      just remember to reduce the aspects and orb all to 3’ and angles 3’ Use this site if you are having problems creating the correct charts on

    why do planets transits so slowly when first entering constellation Taurus?
    and is it like this immediately once entering tarus?

    why so , again for this?

    for example if you have a Mars square Saturn transit and both Saturn is on cusp of Cancer and Leo and Tarus goes into Taurus,, does it take this transit forever or twice as long to go through?

    and how many degrees within 3 degrees usually of conjunction this transit is felt?

    please explain this transit too if you could

    how diffficult and why?

    thansk for your answrs!

    • ANSWER:
      Well Taurus are slow to make decisions but the pro in that is, it's well thought and a good one too!. I'm a taurus... so well.. kinda slow when making decisions... teehee

    How compatible are these two people? In what ways?
    Guy: Born 23rd July 1995
    Cancer/Leo cusp
    Gemini Moon
    Cancer Mercury
    Cancer Venus
    Libra Mars

    Girl: Born 4th March 1994
    Sagittarius Moon
    Aquarius Mercury
    Pisces Venus
    Aquarius Mars

    Could you give me any feed back from this? Any personal experience?

    • ANSWER:
      The most important thing to look for are the aspects. Aspects are particular distances between two points on the 360-degree circle of the zodiac ... such as 0 degrees (conjunct aspect), 60 degrees (sextile aspect) ... etc.

      The planets in each chart shows the person needs, and the aspects show if those needs even connect with the other person (no aspect = no connection), and the type of aspect it is shows if it's a harmonious connection or an inharmonious connection.

      In order to look for aspects between 2 charts, you need all 10 "planets" (you only provided half), and you need the degree IN the sign that each planet is in.

      The MOST important aspect is when one person's Ascendant or Descendant is conjunct the other person's Sun or Moon or Venus or Mars. This creates a very strong bond, strong enough to make the relationship be a significant and lasting one (maybe not forever, but for many many years at least). Without this, the relationship is not apt to last long.
      In order to find the Ascendant, you must have the full birth date, the birth time and the birth location.

      Find out the guy's birthtime and location anyhow. He is not a Cancer/Leo cusp because such a thing is an artificial concept made up for the sake of Sun-sign astrologers who can't get feedback from their readers ... the guy has his Sun either in Cancer OR in Leo ... it can't be in two places at once.

    Would I make a good teacher, physician assistant, or businesswoman?
    I am a leo sun, cancer moon, leo mercury, cancer venus and aries mars. sixth house cancer/leo cusp and midheaven sag.

    • ANSWER:
      According to me you would be a good physician

    I am a cancer leo cusp born on July 20th my girlfriend is a Gemini born june 11 are we compatible ?
    I've been dating her for a month now . So far it was realy good accept some times i just dont understand her.

    • ANSWER:
      Hey, I'm a cancer leo cusp as well except I'm born on July 23rd.
      (Not sure how that really works but oh well, I'm definitely a cusp though)
      We tend to be effected by both signs. I'm more leo but I definitely have cancer traits.
      Well, anyway, I was on this site that said leo and gemini are a great match but a cancer and gemini relationship can tend to not work out so well. So it could be your cancer side that has the problem.
      Here's the site if you want to check it out. :)
      (Remember, don't let astrology effect your choices so much. You'll know if it's right or not.)
      If astrology really interests you, you should also determine which sign fits your character more. This could help in determining your compatibility. (second source)

    What Is the Best Career For Me?
    I have a Midheaven on the Cancer/Leo Cusp.6th House in Aries, 2nd House in Scorpio!!! And Sun In Cancer. I have been going back and forth between Computer Repair and Alternative Medicine and am ready to plunge all the way!!! Which is best for me!??!

    • ANSWER:
      Dear One,
      First of all always forgive your enemies.At any job where skill in making things was needed, you would succeed.Your career should be such that you have constant public contact. You have a persuasive and magnetic personality. Thus, to use it to great potential, you should involve yourself in areas where persuasion reaps the greatest rewards.

    I'm a Cancer/Leo Cusp, how do I go about to seduce a Taurus/Gemini Cusp?
    First off, I know were compatible. We get along so fine and I know Taurus need to be approached slowly, rather then aggressively. I don't know much about Gemini, she seems to be more Taurus then Gemini but I can still see some Gemini in her. I'm more Cancer then Leo. Anyways, answer when possible :) !

    • ANSWER:
      if you say love match then for taurus-cancer is almost perfect(mind it not fully),for gemini leo is also almost perfect,
      so you can go for it.but before you go something you have to know that cancer is water sign and taurus is earth sign,now for leo is fire sign and gemini is air sign.
      now it's upon you.
      good luck

    How can cancers control their moodiness?
    I am a Cancer-leo cusp (more cancer) and sometimes my mood changes for no reason.I'm not insane or anything of that nature but I tend to go on impulse with everything I do.Born 3:04am in Killeen/Ft.Hood,Texas.

    • ANSWER:
      I have mood swings too. XD

      I usually go moody then I find some space of my own then reflect back on things in life. Then I'm ok again.

      I think we, Cancers, need someone we love beside us when we're all moody. As much as we want that person to leave, -if he's your partner-, he SHOULDN'T leave cos he can always bring back our cheerfulness.

      All we need is comfort. That's how I feel mine is.

    How bad is the zodiac sign Cancer's temper?
    How bad is the Cancer temper? I was just wondering because I'm a cancer, but on the leo cusp..and I've like seriously..never been mad, but lately my blood has been boiling at the smallest thing!

    • ANSWER:
      Cancer takes a very long time to show their temper and rarely occurs. But if they do erupt, you will see that a Cancer means business and will not back down out of the situation especially if you attack a person they love.

    How is sex like between Cancer and Leo?
    A cancer woman and a leo male.
    Also, for those of you who have had sex with a Cancer woman, how is it? What do they like?
    But most important, how is the sex like with Leo and Cancer, just the sex.

    • ANSWER:
      as far as those roles reversed, cancer/leo [cusp] male and leo girl.. pretty damn good man, pretty damn good. A leo I dated bout yr and a half back was probably top 3 material of all the girls I been with.

    what is a cancer and cancer/leo compatibility ?
    What is the compatibility of a cancer man and a cancer/leo cusp woman compatibility ?

    • ANSWER:
      Sun signs don't work for compatibility. In general, a person tends to get along better with people who has a Sun that's Trine (in the same element) as your own, but there are about 32 other really important placements in the natal chart you should also look at.

      That said, there's a good website where you can calculate a basic synastry (the interaction between two charts) and that is If you have the times of birth also, you can get a more indept analysis at, which is a quite excellent site for such things. Both sights are free and I consider them rather accurate for a basic chart. If you want more specific information about aspects between you, just come back and post your specific questions. It's way way too hard and long to try to do a full analysis online like this....that's several hours or even days worth of work to an astrologer!

      I do want to point out that astrology simply follows biology in matters of love, though. If you feel a certain way about a person, your star charts will reflect that connection...the stars don't make you do anything; they simply maker the relationship as it already is. So, do trust your instincts...the stars will follow.

    In astrology, what are the differences between people who are Leos and people who are Cancer/Leo cusps?
    I know exactly what a Leo is personality wise and relationship wise and what Leos are like, and I know what Cancers are like too, but I cant find what the differences would be in people who are Leos and people who are Cancer/Leos. It seems like there is no difference. I am a this cusp of signs so I want to know how I am different from a person who is just a Leo sign!!

    • ANSWER:
      goes in between

    Would two people, one born on the cusp of Cancer/Leo, and the other born on the cusp of Aries/Taurus work out?
    I've been after this guy for 6 years and things are finally starting to fall into place. I'm wondering if we are compatible astrologically. Odd we are both born on cusps.

    • ANSWER:

      I dont think so it`s work out ...

    what do these three aspects in my chart say about me?
    My sun is in a cancer/leo cusp, scorpio rising~ july 19, 1988 2:34 P.M. Manchester, NH

    Now, i was wondering what my moon in libra, venus gemini, and mars in aries says about me, how is this combo,
    opinions or if anyone has ever known someone with these aspects

    answer away :)

    • ANSWER:
      It means nothing. Think about what your asking. "Does un-intelligence affect my life, and make me who I am?" When your born has nothing to who you are as a person. Your Character is built from experiences and your characteristics have to do with genes from your parents.

    Were exactly opposite on the chart, but we seem to click. Can this work?
    I'm Cancer cusp Leo and I met a Capricorn cusp Aquarius. We seem to get along quite well, although I feel that I'm the leader and the more dynamic one in the relationship and he's more cautious and conservative. I'm also Capricorn rising, so does this help? What do you think, can two cuspers who are the polar opposites in the zodiac work well together?

    • ANSWER:
      Your Rising makes it easier for the Cap Aquarius cusp to relate to you. Polar opposites can work to an extent it's like your significant other. :D Now polar opposite cusp would be something new. o3o

    What zodiac signs were u around for xmas?
    I spent xmas with aqua, gemini, cancer,leo and a leo/virgo cusp and a pisces. I would have bounced around more but in was getting stuffed with taurean self couldnt help it...mmm nom nom nom. Ha im gonna need to be locked in a gym for like a month D:

    • ANSWER:

all about cancer leo cusp