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    what can you tell me about alternative treatment cancer centers?
    Friend of mine is diagnosed with leukemia. She underwent chemo/radiation treatments which are very toxic and raise concern. Bone marrow is transplanted as well. It just seems to me to be more of a lifestyle change to keep the disease at bay than all these invasive procedures. Are there really some alternative approach cancer centers in Mexico that are effective?

    • ANSWER:
      Im sorry to here your friend has cancer. i can not give
      any info on centers, there maybe an alternative
      to cancer treatments, it is called oxygen therapy, i know
      it sounds to good to be true but it is legitimate knowledge.
      i dont know if it can really cure cancer but it cured my
      past sicknesses and this site kept true to there word,
      it has evan cured my allergies. I hope this helps and
      i hope your friend gets better. Dont forget, what do you
      have to lose, also someone maybe giving oxygen therapy
      in your area, good luck and again hope your friend
      gets cancer free.

    Are there really alternative forms of treatment for cancer?
    I was told that in Mexico there is 100% effective treatment of cancer by Hydrogen Peroxide types of treatment and also 100% effective forms of treatment by the use of a Multi-wave Oscillator. Is this true? If it is, why is it not placed into use by our healthcare system?

    • ANSWER:
      Never heard of those and don't see how they could do it. MD ANderson Cancer center has done extensive research on different natural things such as resveratrol. The Chinese and Japanese have been using for a long time and also study as other countries.

      I suggest you google 'resveratrol aggarwal". Dr. Aggarwal is one of the doctors at MD Anderson and they are also using other natural things. But tons of new information over the last few years. Look for the "Clinical trails and and Studies of Resveratrol on Cancer, it will be a 58 page report. The stuff some how corrects the DNA and tells the killer cells to recognize the cancer cells and kill them and it tells the cancer cells to kill themselves.

      made from many plants, abut the most potent is from the grape of the muscadine here in the states and then most in the health food stores and vitamin shoppes is made from the root of the knotweed plant, whch is ok.

      You can go to, this doctor luses many different techniques and was the first doctor to go public and say women with brest cancer didn't have to have radical masectomies. He did this years ago and was ostrachised, but has a hospital.

      I had a friend that had stage four stomach cancer and he took it and it's been over three years. The report is interesesting and you can take it to the doctors as it explains the different pathways and mutations the stuff works on. Know it sound crazy, but it's true. The drug compnaies, I believe have come out with some million dollar drug that is made of parts of it. But the research is great, check oncology and you can also just google the type cancer and resveratrol.

      Anyway hope this helps and many take it as a preventative. So gve it a look. jexcuse the typos and have a great 2009! You can also e-amil the doctors at Anderson if you like.

    Does anyone know that the Vitamin B17 found in the seeds of stone fruits and other fruits helps stop cancer?
    I have a DVD at home which is a Proffessor/Scientist and he states that the Vitamin B17 found in the seeds of stone fruits and seeds of other fruits is rich in an agent (B17) which helps to reduce the risk of cancer and can prolong age (it won't stop you dying, but it actually can help in your life expectency and life quality). There is a tribe overseas that constantly eats these seeds and the average life expectancy of this tribe is 95 years of age. The quality of life of the members of this tribe is also greatened from the fact they take this B17 daily. It is interesting to know if your someone who is a healthy eater and concerned about your health in the future.

    If anyone is interested in the actual DVD itself, it is called the MAKING OF THE WORLD, BY DOCTOR KENT HOVEN.

    • ANSWER:
      Anyone with a DVD burner can whip out a DVD making any kind of claim they desire.

      The American Cancer Society says laetrile (B17) is a quack treatment with no proven benefit.

      If laetrile worked then Coretta Scott King, who had all the money and means in the world to pay for alternative cancer treatments, would still be alive after her trip to Mexico for laetrile therapy.

    Are there any insurance companies that will cover any natural procedures or treatments ?
    I do not trust or use any man made drugs or use any of the conventional medical drug pushers so why should i be made to pay for insurance that will not cover anything natural ! Like using oxygen to kill cancer instead of chemo to run down the immune system .
    I see that some people aren't aware of the new health care bill that says you must purchase your own insurance or the fact that i have to pay for medicare when i get to that age and they still will not cover me .

    • ANSWER:
      ~~Corporations have the money, they pay to keep things under their control. Therefore, pharmaceutical companies are rich enough to continuing to fool the people into putting in the people they want in office who will keep them in charge of what is acceptable to be used and what is not.

      I believe there are many prescription medications that do honestly help people. However when you hear them advertised on TV and some come with warnings it can have side affects including causing eyes to permanently change color, cause TB, etc., yet they are covered under insurance, it makes you see the insanity!

      My answer is until the people quit putting the politicians in office who work for rich corporations instead of the people, this is the choice we have; pay for homeopathic care ourselves or if you can get into Mexico or Canada, they have alternative choices. Both take lots of your own money one way or another.~~

    Is it true Canada has found the cure for cancer and it's just not allowed in America?
    I heard Canada has found the cure for cancer, and American pharmaceutical companies just don't allow it here due to the fact that it would slam medical profits into a hole. Is this true?

    • ANSWER:
      There is NOT EVER GOING TO BE A DRUG CURE FOR CANCER. There is way too much money in not finding the cure. Each cancer patient is worth somewhere between 0,000 and 500,000 to the medical community. The research is geared toward prolonging life with cancer, not a cure. So far it is failing miserably.

      DRUGS are not the answer, but part of the cause. In fact, cancer is the only disease in America that uses a 5 year survival rate to claim it is cured. No other disease uses this criteria. It is used because it allows great manipulation of the statistics. The 5 year survival rate is calculated from when cancer was diagnosed. So "EARLY DIAGNOSIS" is being promoted heavily. That way when you die after the 5 year mark, they can say "You were cured" even though you died of cancer. Clever eh?

      Chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery are the only methods accepted as a way to treat cancer in America. With a 2 - 3% survival using these methods that is far less than the 30% placebo effect used in most diseases. The truth is that if a person does not get cancer treatment, they have a far better chance of surviving a lot longer. There are many alternative treatments that are being used that do cure cancer, but these are NOT legal in America because there is no money in it.

      Clinics set up in Mexico, like the Gerson Clinic have had thousands of success stories, unlike the U.S. medical system. All you have to do is find an honest doctor in the U.S. that deals with cancer and ask them if they would get chemotherapy or give it to their own families if they were diagnosed with cancer and they will tell you they wouldn't. Money is a big incentive and since it is the only way they know how to deal with cancer, it is what you get.

      EDIT: "April," thank you so much for your concern, but I believe you need to free yourself from the lies you believe. I am very healthy, thank you and have seen what modern cancer treatments are doing to people, first hand. Like most oncologists, I would never subject myself to those abusive treatments. I have seen what natural remedies are doing for people and how they are getting well. You need to talk to these people and learn what really works. Let me know when you get sick before you subject yourself to abuse that is simply not working. I can help you greatly.

      good luck to you

    Need help finding the cancer treatment that was given to Joan Sebastian?
    He was treated in several different places around the world, treated with poison of blue scorpion, cucumber juice, and he saw an old man in mexico who also helped cure him. That is all I have found. I have a close relative who is currently battling cancer and he is tring to find out how to call tge placed that offer alternative treatments etc. he saw a news clip on univision and he hadn't had any luck finding information. Can someone please help?

    • ANSWER:
      Well...if that's what ol' Joan was treated with, he's dead now... That did not happen.

      Yep, it didn't happen...

      Singer-songwriter Mexican Joan Sebastian announced that for the second time exceeded cancer of the bone, which suffered for the first time in 1999 and it was revived in late 2007.

      Thanks god I am fully healthy, for the second time we managed to overcome cancer thanks to the support of my doctors with a stem cell treatment, indicated in a press conference at the ranch of his brother Federico Figueroa.

      The musician, one of the maximum exponents of the genre popular Mexico, added that currently harvest stem cells, in the event that the disease reappears.

      Sebastian expressed its willingness to establish a foundation to support people with cancer and without resources, and emphasized that in Mexico there are many people without means to pay for treatment of cancer by the poverty of the country.

      Harain is currently battling leukemia and has long dreamed of meeting the legendary Mexican singer.

      Joan, a cancer survivor himself, made the teen feel at ease and even shared that he used to get his chemotherapy in the same spot as he does.

      After talking for quite some time and signing autographs, Joan offered to get the family in touch with his doctors in Mexico and let them know to contact him should they need help with anything in the future.

    Question to conservatives running a smear campaign against government health care?
    Are you aware in Europe you don't even have to set up appointments? All you have to do is walk in and sign your name. Everyone there pays their fair share to society. That's how it should be in the civilized world.

    It's a shame you're subjecting everyone sick and dying uninsured to this evil rhetoric.

    • ANSWER:
      NHS Behind the Headlines -

      There is a two week minimum wait from GP referral to see a cancer specialist, whilst all NHS Trusts must meet the 18 week maximum period for all treatments.

      You can also choose the hospital you are treated at including participating private hospitals under the NHS Choices Scheme.

      The NHS also contracts out services to the private sector such as routine operations which are increasingly carried out by Independent Sector Treatment Centres (ISTC's). This scheme has helped eradicate waiting times for operations such as hip replacements.

      The NHS has also formed partnerships with the private sector such as Cancer Partners UK.

      There are plenty of private hospitals to choose from in the UK, as well as world renowned centres of private practice such as London's Harley Street and should we wish to have private treatment we have no reason to travel to the US.

      As for Americans they are increasingly going to Mexico for medical treatment.

      Finally if the NHS is so bad why don't we Brits all go private, the truth being most NHS hospitals are very good and according to the health care commision who inspect hospitals are on a par with private hospitals.

      As for private health insurance coverage it is actually in decline in the UK at the moment.

      Although that is probably not surprising giving the rising cost of cancer treatments and the refusal of private companies to meet the new costs. Still thats capitalism.

      Medical insurers are cutting cancer cover, with many refusing to help those who need palliative care.

      The changes come as increasing numbers of patients seek help paying for drugs that could prolong their lives.

      As the costs of cancer treatments soar, insurers are looking at ways of containing costs. Only three - Bupa, PruHealth and Exeter Friendly Society - offer full cover for cancer, including palliative care, that is treatment designed to ease, not cure, symptoms.

      Read more:

    Is there someone I can speak with who has been to the Gerson clinic in Mexico?
    We would like to hear a first hand account of the experience at the Gerson clinic from someone living in Australia, mum has applied to attend and we just want to hear from someone about their experience. Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      The Gerson treatment really isn't the wonderful treatment that they convincingly try to convince people of. And even Gerson’s own highly profiled 50 cases are really not that convincing upon scrutiny: The idea that Coffee enemas could be useful as treatment of disease was not all that revolutionary when Gerson developed his idea. It had been in use in conventional medicine since 1917, and was still in use in the early 1970s.

      One study is sometimes presented as one showing positive effect of Gerson Therapy for malignant melanoma: Some even say that the only thing this study needs is replication by an independent research team. First of all most patients had undergone surgery, so the study is not about the effect of the Gerson therapy as the only treatment. And if one takes a closer look at the full paper, biases in favour of the therapy become apparent:

      1) Of 235 patients follow up was only possible in 153 patients. How many of the untraceable 82 were dead?
      2) The proportion of stage III patients who had stage IIIC (Very high mortality rate) were not given.
      3) None of their stage IVB patients survived, making their stage IV 5-year survival approximately 7% (It is around 10% in large conventional studies)
      4) An undisclosed number of patients were recruited through newspaper advertisements. No need to explain what that does to the reported survival rate.

      In short: Even the best studies do not support any effect of the Gerson therapy.

      Some proponents claim that this is a perfectly safe therapy. This is also wrong. Most complications are related to the coffee enemas, but also the diet can be a problem:

      It has been compared to chemotherapy in the palliative setting:
      The patients who received the Gerson therapy had a poorer quality of life.

      And in this study: the researcers looked at the survival in patients with stage III and IV pancreas cancer who had either conventional chemotherapy or Gonzales therapy, which is similar to Gerson therapy. The patients who had the Gonzales treatment lived shorter, and had a poorer quality of life.

    I am looking for information on an alternative cancer treatment clinic in Mexico founded by Beto Ramon?
    The clinic is in the town of Aguacatitla, in the Huasteca region of the state of San Luis Potosi Mexico.

    • ANSWER:
      would that be Hoxsey that's where my family went for treatment with great results!!

    Is there an alternative to being sedated thru the death process to take care of pain, but still be aware?
    I just witnessed a cancer death and my friend was sedated during the last two days. I don't want this for myself, if ever faced w/ the situation. I want to be extremely aware of the whole process, but just not experiencing intolerable pain. So what alternatives can I suggest in preparation for "just in case" ? Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      Your friend was likely being treated by Hospice or was in a hospital or skilled nursing unit or nursing home. The medical establishment has become increasingly prodeath, advocating euthanasia. They kill by overdosing on morphine, sedatives and by withholding food and even water, as well as other medical care. You don't have to do this. You can take no more pain medication than is needed for any pain. You can drink and eat or be fed through a stomach tube or intravenously. You can get epidural medication to relieve pain, without the sedation of taking pain shots, if needed, oftentimes. You can say to hell with you amateurs, I'm going to a special cancer center, such as MD Anderson Hospital in Houston, Texas. (I would advise this early on.) Or you can go to Mexico and seek alternative treatments. Don't ever let a doctor get you down, giving you a death sentence. Who the hell does he think he is? God? No man has the right to say your time is up. That is God's prerogative only.

    What news story has affected you most?
    Shambo, you're deluded ;)

    • ANSWER:
      Amnesty International Declares Nicaragua's Abortion Ban Torture
      by Samantha Leal | 07.29.2009 | 4:25pm | 2 Comments
      Amnesty International is battling a ban on abortion in Nicaragua, a predominantly Catholic country. Citing the fact that the ban effectively forces victims of incest and rape to carry babies to full term and give birth, the human rights organization is claiming that the measure may violate the United Nations Convention against Torture.

      "The Committee is sending a clear message to the Nicaraguan state: So long as the complete ban with no exceptions is in place, you will be in breach of your international legal obligations to protect human rights," said Widney Brown, Senior Director, International Law and Policy at Amnesty International.

      AI has documented many cases of young girls victimized by rapists or family members who are then forced to give birth, resulting in a skyrocketing suicide rate among teenage girls.

      "There is only one way to describe what we have seen in Nicaragua—sheer horror," Amnesty International's executive deputy secretary general, Kate Gilmore, told a press conference in Mexico City. "Children are being compelled to bear children. Pregnant women are being denied essential life saving medical care."

      President Daniel Ortega won the 2006 election in part due to the fact that he supported the ban, which went into effect in July, 2008. The ban is enforced by sending women who get abortions—along with the medical workers who assist them—to prison.

      "What alternatives is this government offering a 10-year-old pregnant as a result of rape?” asked Gilmore at the press conference. "And a cancer sufferer who is denied life-saving treatment just because she is pregnant, while she has other children waiting at home?"

    Alternative Cancer treatments?
    I would like to know if anyone here has experienced going to I mean if you have already experienced their care in terms of cancer treatments. Do let me know. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      Nice websites mean nothing. That one contains the usual lies and deceptions. Save your money for medical treatments. Here's their "get-out".

      DISCLAIMER: It is important to understand that as of today’s standard; only traditional medicine is known to be FDA approved. New Hope Unlimited, LLC, does not make any stated or implied claims regarding results. The extent of the response to treatment varies from patient to patient, even those with a similar diagnosis due to the uniqueness of each patient’s internal body makeup.

      They are in Mexico, so they are just using the disclaimer to mention the FDA as a boost.

    Please Tell Me I Have Not Gone Crazy?
    My brother in-law has terminal cancer. Instead of seeking an opinion from an elite cancer hospital, he and his wife ran off to Mexico to one of those alternative cancer treatment centers. These clinics would be illegal in the U.S. because their treatment methods while safe enough, do not work!

    This place they went is “top of the line”. The clinic accuses the U.S. of smothering their treatment method by outlawing it because it will put every cancer hospital out of business. Yeah right! Every quack needs a good conspiracy theory.

    They claim over 90% success. 90% success at what? Killing their patients by persuading them to shun potentially real cancer treatments that do work?

    What cancer treatment is my brother in-law getting for ,000? He receives high doses of vitamins and a special balanced diet to boost his immune system. This will purge his body of impurities and toxic substances. This will cure his cancer.

    If this worked, then every single cancer patient in the world would flood Mexico. Mexico would be swamped with cancer patients.

    I asked who put this stupid idea in my brother in-laws head? Why wasn’t I informed in advance? I would have set things right.

    One of my sisters told me, ‘If it makes him feel better than what is wrong with that?” I told her, “There is a huge difference between feeling better and going into remission.”

    Another sister told me, “Who are we too judge. We can’t say what we would do in that situation.” I told her, “I can say for certain I would not resort to 19th century snake oil cures.”

    My mom said, “It could work.” I told my mom, “Every second spent at this snake oil factory is one less that could be used for real cancer treatments that might work or experimental drugs or treatments that in theory could work. The only thing eating right cures is obesity.”

    I can’t believe my family is behind this crap. They accuse me of being the nutty and crazy one.

    I am the nut job here? What the hell am I missing? If my brother’s cancer diagnosis really is a lost cause then he is better off making the most of the time he has and not wasting ,000 his wife and children need on fake cancer treatments.
    Oh, the worst aspect is their son who is a teenager really thinks this crap snake oil treatment can work!!! How is it going to go down when he learns his dad never had a chance?

    • ANSWER:
      you're NOT a nut job, and you're quite sane! Just realize that desperate people will do desperate things at times...

    Has Obama considered a health care system for us like the one in Mexico?

    • ANSWER:
      Mexico has pretty much what we have NOW - free-enterprise, competitive health care for those who can afford it, and government-run clinics (Medicaid) for the rest. Obama's plan will eventually eliminate the private care system and sentence us to the sub-standard government clinics.

      Actually there are some very good private facilities in Mexico - research is not strangled by tons of FDA/government regulations funded by Big Pharm - alternative treatments for cancer are available at low cost, and basically all medical treatments in Mexico are less expensive. Many people do cross over for medical treatments.

    Should the government interfere with the medical decisions of a family?
    Abraham Cherrix, who is battling Hodgkin's disease, a cancer of the lymphatic system, and he refused a second round when he learned early this year that his Hodgkin's disease was active again.

    Abraham chose to instead go on a sugar-free, organic diet and take herbal supplements under the supervision of a clinic in Mexico. His parents are okay with this.

    Now the local government tried to force the kid to go to his treatments. Hodgkin's disease has a high survival rate. However the treatment can be very painful.

    Its up to an adult to make this decision. His parents are okay with this alternative medical treatment with little chance of success. What do you think? Should the Government step in when the parents aren't making a sound choice in the health of their son.

    • ANSWER:
      Sound choice depends on the culture of the times.
      At one time bleeding with leeches was considered a sound choice. At one time electroshock was considered a sound choice and so was lobotomy. Now we have better treatments. Perhaps chemo is the modern day leeches. I think it's his life and he should have a choice. Government should get out of this kind of stuff.

    anybody know about alternative cancer treatments?
    anything, any successful treatements other than chemo therapy

    For hodgekins lymphoma

    • ANSWER:
      Chemo therapy is not a good idea, I've learned. What prevents cancer and rids of it (unless you're in the last stages there's not much you can do) is latryl which is also known as vitamin B17. You can find this in apricot seeds (break the seed open and eat the little fruit inside of it), apple seeds, and almonds buy them from the health food store unbleached and unroasted with the hulls on. My Grandpa ate apple seeds with the apples since he was a boy he died at 93 but he never had cancer. There's also a latryl clinic in Mexico that has had much success I understand that it's quite expensive but it works.

      I've also heard of this one: drinking apple cider vinigar and olive oil mixed together.

    Hey Mexicans - Question for you?
    I just read that there are a lot of Alternative medicine cancer clinics in Mexico.

    Is it true that people are getting healed from cancer at those clinics? I ask you because you would know, since news from Mexico never reaches the USA

    • ANSWER:
      yes there are a lot of alternative and natural medicine practices in mexico .and there has been a good amount of people that are satisfied with the results..

      compared to pharmaceutical treatment.. i would definitely recommend a natural practice.. . kimo therapy is good for cancer patients but it is expensive and a aggressive treatment which may stress the patient and even cause hair loss

    Got any information on B17 (Laetrile) in cancer treatment?
    Are there any UK consultants using this? The BigPharma seem to be trying to supress its use. Any other info? There is a clinic in Mexico and lots of anecdotal info. I need some helpful info urgently.
    Failing that any GPs or alternative practitioners in the UK or Europe? There was a study at Imps in 2000 which gave details (BBC) but nothing since. Please help...Thanks Mikey

    • ANSWER:
      When beta-glucosidase or beta-glucuronidase splits Laetrile, it releases benzaldehyde (BA) as well as cyanide. Various human studies have used BA itself as an anti-cancer drug , Kochi et al noted that "Toxic effects, including hematologic or biochemical disturbances, were not seen during long-term successive administration of [BA]," They reported 19/57 inoperable terminal cancer patients "responded completely," while 10 patients responded partially (i.e. greater than 50% tumor reduction).

    the stem cell cancer treatments in mexico.?
    My mom is dying of Pancreatic Cancer. she has had the Whipple surgery of removing it and was fine for a few years and now its moving to her throat and back. when she had her surgery her cancer markers were 350 and now they are up in the 900's. she did chemo and does not want to do that anymore. she wants to go to a place called new hope unlimited. it does cost about ,000. I'm concerned that this place offers false hope and takes money from easy victims in desperate times. Has anyone done this type of thing or know about it? what are the pros and cons? anything would be appreciated! Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      here some alternative methods

    I have breast cancer metastised to the bone. Looking for grant to relocate to Texas to start treatment.?
    We are in Arkansas (not our home) and was diagnosed 2 years ago and given 5 yeras to live. We are on a fixed income and can not find food, travel and loging money to go to Texas to begin alternative/naturalpathic threatent. The facility is verified at :
    I also need 4,000.00 to begin treatment. But right now if I can get a grant of any size to get there I would appreciate it. None of my friends or family have money to spare, so I am asking anyone to help me live. We had a wonderful life before this.Someone please save a life. Thankyou .......

    • ANSWER:
      Why wouldn't you just use UAMS here in Little Rock? That's where I'm having my BC treated. That website looks VERY sketchy to do realize that they are not actually in The US--but are in Mexico? They say they can treat you for next to nothing? ,000 as a down payment is not "next to nothing." If that's so, have them send you the money to get you there. At UAMS (or any other hospital in Little Rock), if your situation is as dire as you suggest, you should qualify for the Breast care program (I do) and ALL of your treatment will be paid for. I've had over ,000 worth of tests run at UAMS (I start chemo next week) and all it has cost me is the money to park in the deck, which is less than .50 a trip.

      I urge you to go to the UAMS Cancer Research Center.

    cancer in the breast lung and brain. looking for alternative treatment other than radiation and chemo.?
    looking for non traditional forms.

    • ANSWER:
      I had a friend with Hodgkins who was cured with traditional chemo and radiation, but about 15-20 years later, she developed breast cancer. She was really in to natural healing and did everything from Reiki to homeopathy to stone energy after having Hodgkins. She has bilateral radical mastectomies, but later, she had lymph node metastases. She did not want chemo and went to Mexico to get vitamin C infusions and colon cleansings. She died about a year later.

      I have heard that Bill Moyers did a special on the Dahli Llama's physician treating breast cancer patients with special diets. He would smell their urine and determine what imbalance they had. I don't know the whole story, but I think one lady had slight improvement with diet treatments. There is also a man named Gary Null who wrote some books about diet therapy. I haven't read any, but heard they were good.

      Also, Lance Armstrong recovered fully from brain cancer when he was given 5 months or so to live. He wrote a book, so you might want to see what places he went to to figure out what to do to heal.

      Listen to Bernie Seagal's tapes or read his books. Some patients live a lot longer and happier just by the way they think and take things that come to them that are difficult to swallow.

      Be careful. there are a lot of quacks out there that will convince you of cures when it won't work and will just end up handing your money over to them.

      Go on and browse their books on natural healing. They have recently discovered that skin cancers and even neurologic disorders such as Lou Gherigs may be caused by low Vitamin D levels.

      THere is research going on with stem cells and monoclonal antibodies. The antibodies are specifically designed to recognize and attack the cells as foreign.

      Go to the NIH website and see if there is perhaps a research study for the type of cancer you are talking about. Scientists are looking more and more into natural medicines.

      It has been proven that hypnotism can cure warts. The brain has been shown scientifically to be linked to the immune system.,9171,909459,00.html

      I am sorry if you or someone you know or love is going through this. Pray and ask for God's strength. God loves you and He is there by your side.

    does st judes childrens hospital offer any significant natural cancer treatments???
    why dont they at least offer many proven natural treatments like in new mexico??? i know what it is like to care for cancer patients and i know traditional medicine is big business... many times the traditional treatments cause the death of the patient... the cancer society will quote deceptive figures to make it appear that they are making headway in cancer research and treatment ... this is bogus... there is no guarantee that natural treatments will get you back to health or keep you from dying but i can tell you your chances of a better life are better with natural treatment...under the care of really knowledgeable medical doctors... i hate to see those children receiving only treatments that are cancer causing in themselves as well as destructive to the immune system... i am a nurse and have done extensive research...

    • ANSWER:
      If you are truly a nurse, you spent little time actually paying attention to what happens to patients who pursue alternative therapies for cancer. Yes, the standard treatments can be harsh and life threatening, but they are usually less harsh and life-threatening than the disease they are fighting. Nobody says it is a great trade-off, but it is the best there is. To suggest all of those hard-working, compassionate researchers and caregivers are caring for those kids with only profit motives in mind (protecting their business, you know) is insulting, degrading, and frankly ignorant.

      People believe what they want to believe; there can still be a right and wrong in any case. Your "extensive research" is wrong. How do I know? Because I know how to interpret the data. This is not arrogance on my part; this is anger at irresponsible remarks that 1) I am sure most folks recognize for what they are, but 2) may influence some uninformed but well-intentioned information seekers who will then do the wrong thing, perhaps make a life-threatening mistake.

    why are drugs illegal?
    If drug cartels and drug dealers are causing lots of violence, why don't governments just legalize drugs and take away their power? There must be some sinister, greed-based reason that the government isn't telling us. What is the real reason?

    • ANSWER:
      If you will notice, the illegal drugs can be had without much processing and drug dealers do not want them to be legalized for profit reasons. Drug companies don't want them legalized because of loss of profits. Follow the money and it will take you to the answer always on this subject.

      The government are people. These people stay in power because someone gives them money. Drug companies have a big profit incentive to have the laws in their favor, keep out drugs that they cannot make money on, etc. A very good example of this is Ritalin. It is an ADD drug being sold to children, yet NO testing has been done on children under 10 years old. School nurses pass these drugs out to children constantly at schools. Ritalin is COCAINE with a slight molecular modification to make it legal and to be able to sell to school children for BIG BUCKS. Look at the side effects of cocaine and Ritalin; they are the same.

      Morphine was a drug that was imported from Europe by drug companies in America in the 1800's. It was made into products that were sold over the counter and told it was safe; it would cure most anything, etc. After the Civil War in America, doctors found it difficult to treat all the drug addicts and there were ten's of thousands of them. So drug companies decided to introduce another drug that was NOT ADDICTIVE they said. So they introduced Heroin. It could be purchased over the counter in many concoctions generated by drug companies. These same people are doing the same thing today with many drugs. If you think these guys are going to allow a drug to be sold that can be made in your back yard and cut them out of the profits, you are sorely mistaken and politicians that get their money from these guys are not going to allow it to happen either.

      Chemotherapy helps maybe 2 - 3% of the people administered, yet billions are being spent by people using these useless drugs. Alternative cancer treatments that have been proven to be incredibly successful such as the Gerson Clinic in Mexico that has an office in San Diego, California has thousands of success stories, but to practice that kind of health building is illegal in America.

      Follow the money.

      good luck to you

    Clinic to cure cancer?
    Does anyone know anything about clinics that offer an alternative cure to cancer. I've read that they have clinics in Mexico that offer this. How much would this cost? My mother is in stage 4 and would it be possible to get get there before her time?
    The alternative treatment I heard about was a complete change to the diet in order to have her body fight off the cancer not any sort of magic machine. My governemt/ economics teacher even mentioned this to me last year in school from articles he read. In the articles he read the doctors claimed that our healthcare is corrupt and that the cure for cancer had been figured out years ago. The cure they claimed was our immune system. Seeing that I know absolutely nothing about nutrition and never took a class that taught it in high school I want to send her somewhere she can be taken care of.

    • ANSWER:
      I'm sorry to hear about your mother. Stage 4 cancer is not considered curable, though depending on the type of cancer it can sometimes be managed for lengthy periods.

      There are indeed clinics in Mexico that claim to provide cures for cancer; are located in Mexico because it is illegal in the US to claim to be able to cure cancer without providing proof of that claim - and none of them can provide such proof. They are happy to exploit desperate and vulnerable people and take their cash in exchange for horrendously expensive treatments which are at best ineffective and sometimes dangerous.

      As you've asked this in the altmed section, you're likely to get a number of answers from people swearing by their pet cures for cancer. On thing you can be 100% sure of is that none of them will have cured their own cancer using their recommended method, nor will they have known anyone personally who has. Ask them.

      I'm sorry, there are no 'alternative cures'. I'm truly sorry about your mother, but I'd urge you to think very carefully before investing money and - more seriously - hope in unproven and discredited 'cures'. At least doe a search on this site for facts on any particular 'alternative' that may interest you

      EDIT: my point proven - I suspect 'dbobo' means Dr Burzynski. His treatments have not been proven to cure cancer. You can read more about him and his treatments in the answers to this question:

      Cancertutor is a bastion of quackery featuring every and any unproven and disproven a'alternative cancer treatment'


    • ANSWER:
      There are very important reasons to drop the Gerson regimen and go for conventional treatment instead. No controlled studies have been done - only some case series. And even Gerson’s own highly profiled 50 cases are really not that convincing upon scrutiny: The idea that Coffee enemas could be useful as treatment of disease was not all that revolutionary when Gerson developed his idea. It had been in use in conventional medicine since 1917, and was still in use in the early 1970s.

      One study is sometimes presented as one showing positive effect of Gerson Therapy for malignant melanoma: Some even say that the only thing this study needs is replication by an independent research team. First of all most patients had undergone surgery, so the study is not about the effect of the Gerson therapy as the only treatment. And if one takes a closer look at the full paper, biases in favour of the therapy become apparent:

      1) Of 235 patients follow up was only possible in 153 patients. How many of those were dead?
      2) Melanoma in situ (precursor of melanoma) was included in the lumped stage I and II group).
      3) The proportion of stage III patients who had stage IIIC (Very high mortality rate) were not given.
      4) None of their stage IVB patients survived, making their stage IV 5-year survival approximately 7% (It is around 10% in large conventional studies).

      In short: Even the best studies do not support any effect of the Gerson therapy.

      Some proponents claim that this is a perfectly safe therapy. This is also wrong. Most complications are related to the coffee enemas, but also the diet can be a problem:

      It has been compared to chemotherapy in the palliative setting:
      The patients who received the Gerson therapy had a poorer quality of life.

      A few studies have been done to see what happens to breast cancer patients who chose alternative therapy instead of conventional treatment. These studies show that the risk of progression/death significantly increases - most notably in those who refuse surgery, but also in those who refuse additional radio-chemotherapy.

      You can read the summaries of those studies here:

    Are there any treatments that will save my cat's life?
    I don't know what to do. I'm down here in Mexico and my cat is very ill. For almost a year now the veterinarians have been telling me she has an ear infection and prescribing antibiotics for her. She is bleeding from her ear, she has lost a lot of weight, does not want to drink water, has a strange look in her eye, always wants to lay on something very hot, and a terrible smell coming from the ear. Finally, I took her to the best veterinarian in Mexico City and he said that she has cancer. I have tried my best to translate his test results for you. Will surgery, radiation or chemo help her? Or are there other alternative treatments you suggest? Thank you for your advice. Dx: Biopsy. Mass in middle ear canal. Comments: A high-grade malignant lesion metastasizes to regional and distant lymph nodes, there are stem cells on the edges of tissue sent for study so it recommended close patient monitoring. Histopathological examination. Tissue sections were reviewed where you can see the proliferation of polyhedral cells with eosinophilic cytoplasm, polygonal, pleomorphic nuclei with hyperchromasia of prominent nucleoli and atypical mitosis besides, these cells are arranged in clusters and are supported by a thin stroma of fibrous connective tissue, so the same areas observed proliferation of polyhedral cells with eosinophilic cytoplasm moderate keratohyalin granules.
    I did take her to the vet! The test results that I translate in my question are the results of a biopsy the vet performed in his office last week. The Cancer Diagnosis we just received yesterday! For the last year, we have been giving her a variety of treatments, all recommended by various local veterinarians, including various cleanings of the ear and antibiotic treatments and injections. It was after we took her to a very highly recommended veterinarian last week, and he put her under anesthesia, that she began to lose weight, become listless, and so forth. And then yesterday he gave us the diagnosis of cancer.

    • ANSWER:
      Let the poor cat go, she's suffering horribly, and you are simply extending her suffering. There are no life-saving treatments for cancer in animals, there are only treatments that will extend her suffering.

      I've owned lots of cats, and know from personal experience that they cannot live forever. Think of the animal's quality of life ... do you think she'll be happy being all drugged up, suffering from radiation poisoning, or with multiple parts of her anatomy chopped off?

      Stop extending the poor animal's suffering!

    is marijuana considered alternative medicine.?
    and what does that mean ?

    • ANSWER:
      in many parts of mexico its still used today by curanderos in herbal medicine... its used to treat nausea after chemotherapy, as an anticonvulsant, an analgesic, an asthma treatment (yes! pot dialates bronchioles) for glaucoma, tumor inhibitor for lung cancer, an antibacterial agent, and to increase peripheral vasodialation...and thats just the ones that have been proven in the lab.

      first mention of pot as medicine was in the Chinese Emperor's Pharmacopoeia 3000 years ago.
      folk uses: treatment for beri beri, gout, constipation, absent mindedness (?), gonorrhea, chest pain, choking, insomnia, neuralgia, painful rheumatism, gastrointestinal disorders, cholera, tetanus, epilepsy, strychnine poisoning, acute bronchitis, whooping cough, asthma, impending abortion, weak contractions, and as a mild sedative.

      ps alternative medicine is any treatment or remedy that is considered to be outside the mainstream medical establishment

      pps the effects/side effects have been well documented for 3000 yrs...
      wonder what theyll be saying about zoloft, zyprexa, and the like 3000 yrs from now...?

    The freedom of choice?
    i read this article and was amazed.......
    There is a frightening story that I want to tell you about a law that has been implemented by the pharmaceutical industry, medical doctors and the government, to demonstrate their dictatorial powers. . I have some friends who had a child with cancer and they went to a medical doctor who wanted to put the child on chemotherapy and radiation. The child’s parents had also been customers of mine so they asked my advice on what to do. I recommended that they go to a doctor in Texas or a holistic doctor south of Tijuana, Mexico. The doctor in Texas was a medical doctor, Dr Brudzinski, M.D., who has a cure for cancer but was again viscously attacked by the medical profession, drug companies and FDA. The holistic doctor south of Tijuana was Dr. Kurt Donsbach who had a 70% cure rate of cancer but was drummed out of this country by the same culprits. After the child’s parents thought everything through, they refused the traditional treatment and planned to go see Dr. Brudzinski in Texas. Here is where the law comes in. If a medical doctor evaluates your child for cancer, even just once, and you instead choose to get treatment from alternative doctors, the government can take your child away from you and that is exactly what they did to my friends. The authorities came to the house to take the child away and when the parents said that they refused to give up the child, they were told that they would be arrested and put in jail. The child was then subjected to chemotherapy and radiation, and, sadly, died. Look into the law and you’ll find out that it’s true. Where’s the freedom of choice here?

    • ANSWER:
      I've never heard of this before, but it doesn't surprise me at all. The pharmaceutical companies have so much lobbying power, laws like these are easy to pass. They usually tuck an unconstitutional law like this in the body of a law that they are passing under the guise of helping people. For example, they will introduce a bill about protecting children, and title it as such. What politician in their right political mind is going to go on record to vote against such a law? The sneaky bastards then include a clause similar to what you've described in the body of the bill. When the good part passes, so does the clause that violates your constitutional rights. I call them "courier bills" or "courier laws" because one bill is used to smuggle in another more publicly debasing bill or law.

      We have no one to blame but ourselves. We've decided to neglect our civic duty and allow politicians to tell us what's right. We no longer read the laws they pass, or the ones that we vote for. We hear the title, and pass it based on it's title. We've been judging too many books by their covers and the end result is what we have here. We've allowed this country to really be hijacked but some despots-our future is going to be an interesting one.

    mrsa natural cures?
    i have heard that garlic, Olive Leaf Extract, and tea tree oil have all been show to kill mrsa. i was wondering if any one has tried any and got cured. also if there is any other natural treatments i would greatly appreciate any suggestions.

    • ANSWER:
      Colloidal silver has been shown to kill MRSA bacteria. Silver has been used for hundreds of years as a antibiotic, to date not a single case of antibiotic-resistant bacteria to colloidal silver has emerged, as it works by suffocating the bacteria.

      Colloidal Silver is part of the Bob Beck Protocol, google this, watch the video's on google video. This also involves blood electrification, water ozonator and a magnetic pulsar.

      Rife High-tone Frequency Machines, this has been shown to devitalise or kill/inhibit bacteria, see the video's on google video/youtube. GB-4000 and PERL are good rife machines, see for more info, and Rife Yahoo Group.

      Consdier also Oxygen Therapies, like the water ozonator above, MRSA hates oxygen and cannot grow in an oxygen rich body.

      Virgin Cocconut Oil - This contains lauric acid, capryllic acid, and many other medium chain fatty acids, that kill bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Can be used topically on the skin for localised skin infections, or internally, to rid the gut of such pathogens.

      Oil of Oregano - This is the most powerful antibiotic, more powerful than garlic or Olive Leaf Extract.

      Pau de' Arco - Bark, gros in Mexico, this also kills bacteria/fungi/viruses.

      Gerson Therapy - This was used prior to the discovery of antibiotics, this cured TB. And now is claimed to cure many many diseases, like terminal cancer, multiple sclerosis, and arthitis. Watch: 'Dying To Have Known' by Steve Koshel for more information

      Drink lots of alkali water, 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda per litre of filtered water. Source: 'The pH Miracle' by Dr. Young, bacteria grow in an acidic body, and hate an alkali environment. Also eat lots of raw organic dark-green leafy vegetables to alkalise the body.

      Join the Yahoo Kefir Making Group, and start making Kefir, this probiotic drink will strengthen your immune system/ gut health, were most of your immune system resides.

      Also drink freshly made orange juice, 25oranges a day, that will make about 2 pints of orange juice. Or 1-2g of magnesium ascorbate powder. This is known in the field of orthomolecular medicine to increase immunity. Some even claim they have never suffered from a cold/flu in years since following the exacting discipline daily.
      Take Vitamin C 1000mg every 4 hours, as Magnesium Ascorbate Powder, this works for colds and flu viruses, by strengthening the immune system, may also work for MRSA.

      A herb called Sutherlandia, which is being used in S. Africa in Hospices with remarkable success with AIDs. It has been shown to increase white blood cell count. Watch BBC-Alternative Medicine Herbs documentery, which shows the herbs being scientifically evaulated by a Professor of Medicine at Bristol University, England.

      Also, look into the MERCK patent, 1946, how to produce Hyperimmune milk. What this invlolves is when the cow is gestating, not yet having produced milk, you inject 10cc of your blood up the teet of the cow's udder, infused not injected into the udder. You do this for 3 consecutive weeks, then when the milk is produced you freeze it in bags, and drink it over the next few months.
      The hyperimmune milk contains various antigens, and cytokines {chemcials that augment the immune system by allowingwhite blood cells to communicate}, once drunk this helps with infections, this technique was made by MERCK Pharmaceuticals, prior to the advent of antibiotics, it is verry useful. Watch Jerry Brunetti's video 'Food As Medicine' on youtube/google video.

      Omega 3 also helps with white blood cell strength. As does Glutamine powder. Look into Gerson Therapy, this increases immunity and fights disease, and more importantly, prevents it.

      Hope this helps

    Will our healthcare system ever realize that chemotherapy is a complete joke?
    Here's the deal. I've had several loved ones die in my family from cancer. What I realized was there are other countries like Germany and Mexico that do all natural treatments as an alternative to chemo. They seem to have gotten some patients into remission even with the most serious cancers unless the patient was too sick to be taken in.

    Why is chemotherapy such a money-making machine in this country when it does absolutely nothing for cancer patients except poison them to death? I'm not saying we're the only country running this kind of system, but when my mom was in Germany getting these treatments, she felt better until she got back to the U.S. She ended up buying the necessary products in Germany, and not one nurse would give her the infusions at home because it was illegal. she got sicker, it was too late. Will we ever learn? Or is money more important than our health?

    Any thoughts?
    Although I only see one out of 9 intelligent answers here, none of you have answered my question directly!!

    Anybody who's in the medical field would greatly be offended by this question because without chemo, there wouldn't be any money to make, and that's the truth!

    • ANSWER:
      It's not uncommon for relatives of people who die from cancer, understandably distraught and looking for explanations, to blame the treatments rather than the disease for the person's death. But almost certainly it is the cancer that killed the person, not the treatment.

      Like many people, I am in remission following treatment that included chemotherapy. Did it save me? - I don't know. But if I die next month, next year or in five or ten years time, nothing will convince me that it didn't prolong my life.

      In fact deaths as a result of chemotherapy are extremely rare; in extremely rare cases, chemotherapy can lead to a second cancer, and everyone who undergoes chemotherapy is made aware of this before they agree to the treatment.

      I live in the UK; we don't pay for our medical treatment, including cancer treatment - the state pays for it. If there was a cheaper, guaranteed cure for cancer, believe me that's what we would get - cancer treatment costs our government billions. As it is, I could be back at any time for more expensive chemo.

      I'm sorry about your mum. But alternative treatments such as she received have never been tested or proven, and you have no way of knowing if they would have saved your mother's life.

      Chemotherapy and other conventional treatments are not perfect; I believe that one day they will be looked back on with horror, much as we look back on blood-letting today. But we know, because they have been rigorously tested and proven in double-blind, peer-reviewed clinical trials, that they save some lives, and prolong many, many more.

      Edit** Sissy's answer is not her own thoughts or the result of her own knowledge or experience, but is entirely a cut and paste from a site pushing the quack remedy Black Salve:

      I too have had chemotherapy and know that nothing bears those words.

      Italian Stallion, I think you have a number of intelligent answers here; you may not agree with them, but they are intelligent answers. You say nobody has answered your question directly; you conclude your question ''Any thoughts?'', so everyone has answered - except Sissy, who has not offered any thoughts.

      I doubt many people in the medical field would be offended by this questiion; they are used to it. And as one cancer registrar who posts on this board has said, if a cure for cancer was found tomorrow she would be the happiest person on the unemployment line.

      And in my country, medical professionals are salaried; no doctor would make one extra penny if the cancer rates doubled tomorrow and the chemotherapy rates with them.

      To suggest that cures are being supressed to increase profits is absurd. Any drugs company discovering a cure for cancer would be rich beyond their wildest dreams; doctors, researchers etc and their families develop cancer and die from it at the same rate as the rest of the population - they'd rather die horribly than reveal the secret?

      And how does America get all the medical professionals in other countries to agree to this conspiracy? Every doctor, every nurse knows the secret but won't tell?

      Again I'm sorry your mother died from cancer; so did mine, I know how it hurts. But you're blaming the wrong enemy.

    about snake therapy origin...?
    can someone tell me the place of origin of this alternative treatment and when did this treatment discovered..

    • ANSWER:
      Do mean like Shamans waving snakes over you?
      You're welcome to try it.
      But I've met people from Mexico who swore relatives of theirs had incurable cancers (diagnoses and treated unsuccessfully Stateside) go completely away after returing to their villages and eating rattle-snake meat - the old fashioned remedy in their culture.

    What do you think about Obama's Stances?
    I read all the important issues on his website and came up with this:

    Tax Cuts: I am all for cutting taxes for the poor, the middle (just like Obama has said). But I also believe in cutting taxes for the rich to create more opportunities for the middle and lower class. Obama said he will raise taxes for those making over 250,000. I say, no, because that will hurt both big and small businesses. I also believe we should simplify the tax code, but believe we should do so by introducing either the fair, or flat income tax.

    Energy Plan: I believe Obamas plan for energy I very immature. He doesn't speak of drilling anywhere in the US, but says the best way to stop the dependence on foreign oil we must use alternative and renewable sources of energy. Trust me, I am all for using environmentally friendly sources of energy, but right now we don't have an effective method of harnessing the energy to mass produce it. It will take a while before this technology comes. His idea of giving relief at the pump is to put a windfall tax on gas companies, and give that money to the people for relief. Well, wouldn't that make Gascompanies raise the gas prices? A much more suitable way to create lower gas prices and give relief until alternative energy is better developed we must give a gas tax holiday, and drill in the US. Lastly, let the market take care of alternative energy not the government

    Basically, Obama wants ever US citizen to be insured through the government. Unfortunately this will hurt our medical field as it will be less desirable to become a doctor. Longer waiting lines for sometimes severe and life threatening diseases will occur. The US has a great medical field right now, but the cost is the problem not the state of our medical field. In order to drive down prices for those not insured by Medicare, and Medicaid I believe in Opening the peoples ability to buy insurance across statelines which will open up competition and competition creates lower prices.

    I agree with Obama that we need to strengthen our borders. I disagree in allowing illegal immigrants to pay a fine and learn English to become American citizens. Everyone broke the law by coming into our country "Illegally ", by not setting down the line for these Illegal immigrants more will just come. This is like saying hey you can come to the US illegally instead of waiting in line to get a visa and gain citizenship, and all you have to do is pay a small fine and learn english. Right now we approximately have 13 million illegal immigrants, if we grant citizenship to them another 13 million will come along hoping to get the same thing. Secure the border deploy them all through a national database of all immigrants, and creating a business program where businesses are forced to check ones status through the government. You end the possibility of them to get a job they will stop coming.

    Iraq: Barack believes in in moving the troops from Iraq into Pakistan and Afghanistan. I don't believe that is right. We made the desicion to confront the terrorists and insurgencies to a centralized region in the Middle East, and it has worker. The terrorists are coming to us. Overthrowing the Sadaam Hussein was a huge step against terrorism, now we need to finish the job. We took our stance in IRaq, and they came to us. THat is what we wanted and we must stay for now. But we should call upon the Iraqi stance to step up power. We helped them out now they need to help us out. Plus I'd much rather be fighting terrorists over there rather than have them attack us over in the US.

    That is my opinion in what I believe are the most important issues.

    What are your opinions of Barack Obamas stance and how do they compare to mine?

    • ANSWER:
      1) Tax Cuts: For right now, raising taxes is necessary. The reason our economy is in a mess is because the dollar's value dropped so precipitously. That is directly related to the National Debt; which got that high because of how Bush borrowed money to fund the Iraq War when he was unwilling to raise taxes.

      Since later you say that you want to stay in Iraq (there are logical reasons for doing so), we either have to raise the money to pay for it or we will continue to deal with a failing economy (and eventual depression).

      If you want lower taxes, we have to cut spending. And the honest fact is where most of our money is going is to this war in Iraq. The Iraq War is costing us more money than every entitlement program the Democrats push combined. So if you want lower taxes AND a good economy, the war will have to go. That, or we raise taxes to maintain the economy above depression. Or we combine both (get out of the war and raise taxes), and we pay off the National Debt and actually fix the economy entirely.

      After we have paid off the National Debt, we then lower taxes on everyone and keep spending down. I believe in Conservative fiscal ideas, but they are not what is called for right now.

      We have to raise taxes to fix what Bush did in spending; then cut them later to keep it fixed.

      2) I partially agree with you on the Energy Plan. But what history has taught me is that if you allow the oil companies to get more to drill (they actually have 68 million acres in the continental US already and aren't drilling any of it), they will do so. But then they will fight every attempt to move on to a new energy source (since it costs them money), and they have the money to convince our politicians to stop any attempt to move to other energy sources.

      In essence, if we give them the ability to drill in ANWR and further in the Gulf of Mexico, they will take it and then prevent any move to break off of oil. We won't do anything about the problem for at least 7-10 years; and then we will get the same problem again in less than 30 years (closer to 20 years).

      We suck it up now or we suck it up in 20 years. Up to you which one you want; but if we suck it up now the sooner we can get off of oil and stop providing money to terrorists.

      3) Universal Health Care. I really don't see how your point works out where its less profitable to become a doctor. Perhaps explaining that further (and I am completely serious on that, not making fun); its possible, but I don't see how.

      What I do see is why the cost of health care is so high. The truth is that there are two major problems. One, there are poor who can't afford health insurance, but the law still requires they be taken care of. This drives up the cost when they don't pay.

      The other cause of the high rise is health insurance companies themselves. They are a business; they don't make money if they always have to pay out money. Because of this, they fight paying every chance they get. This is especially true on big ticket items like heart attacks, strokes, and longterm care for cancer sufferers or the aging.

      They know how long it takes to get court action on lawsuits, so they are willing to take a chance on getting sued. They know most people cannot wait it out because they need money now. So they refuse to pay. Well, the hospital already did the work and the lab tests and treatments and so on; and they need to be paid, so they go to the patient when the health insurance company bails.

      Well, the patient thought they were covered, so they don't have the money to cover things like heart attacks or cancer. So they also skip out on the bill; and the hospital is stuck. They have to try to make it up somewhere, so they do so by sticking it to other patients in the form of higher costs on labs and treatments and so on.

      So both those who are too poor to be insured and those who thought they were covered are screwed under our current system. Both problems are fixed under a Universal Health Care System.

      4) I more or less agree with you on immigration. I disagree that if you get rid of the "jobs for illegals," that they'll stop coming. What will happen is that they will try to find new ways to get past it; and they have been rather successful so far in doing so.

      I have a different plan for ending illegal immigration. But so far every attempt I've made to get it out and see how people like it shows that almost no one supports it. It will work, but apprarently people don't want to deal with the situation anymore and won't wait for how long it will take to work.

      Every plan (including yours) will never end the problem altogether. Your plan has the best chance of limiting it, but it won't end the problem. My plan has a very good chance of ending the problem, but it will take at least 10 years and probably 20 years before it does.

      I realize that no one would support my plan anyway, so I've decided to abandon trying to spread the idea. But know that your plan will not end the problem as you believe it will; nor will McCain's or Obama's. Your's has the most effectiveness of the three, though. So I'd agree with yours if those three were my choices.

      5) Iraq: For the record, there were no terrorists in Iraq before we went in. Saddam Hussein kept them out. Not because he was a good guy; it was more jealousy.

      Hussein relished his reputation as the man who had stood up to the US. Of course, that rep starts to pale when compared to those who not only stood up to the US, but actually attacked back. Basically, Hussein didn't want to be outshone by Osama bin Laden; so he kept them out.

      He also did not have weapons of mass destruction. And that idea that he took them into Syria is bunk. Saddam Hussein was Sunni, Syria is mostly Shiite. They would not help him in the least. Saddam Hussein didn't have any, and we know because he had no where to send them (unless he sent them to Saudi Arabia--who would have told us if only to get further on our good sides and make more money off of us).

      However, that is the past. And while they weren't there before, al Qaeda is in Iraq now. So there is logic to staying and kicking them back out. But as I said in the opening subject (taxes), if you believe we should stay in Iraq, we must raise the taxes to pay for it.

      That, or we will have to deal with a weak economy (and possible depression).

      And one must point out that Obama doesn't want to stop fighting the terrorists entirely. He just wants out of Iraq, he wants to stay in Afghanistan (where Osama bin Laden is). There is a pretty good chance we still won't have to fight them here; because we will be fighting them in Afghanistan. We'll just have better luck finding Osama bin Laden if we are in the same country he's in...

      That's up to you to decide if the Iraq War is worth higher taxes OR a weak economy. But we will have to suffer one or the other if we stick with the Iraq war.

    Why not complementary medicine?
    I'm doing some research for an (unpaid) article I intend to write about peoples views on complementary medicine and would value some input on a specific issue.

    I have noticed on sites like this that when people ask questions relating to alternative and complementary medicine, there are often responses from people with very negative views about the field. I appreciate that there are people within certain professions and industries who may, for professional or commercial reasons, object to complementary medicine (I have no interest in creating tension or an opportunity for 'mud slinging' by going into detail about who they may be), but I'd like to hear the views of the people outside of these professions/industries.

    Why do you hold the negative views that you hold? Is it based on personal bad experience? If so, what experience have you had? Many thanks

    • ANSWER:
      1) For a short time, I attended a monthly meeting made up of people who either had cancer, or were cancer survivors. I was there in hopes of offering a complementary approach IF anyone were interested. I kept my mouth shut initially, trying to get a feel for the groups existing opinions about complementary therapies. Once I was able to start asking about everyone's experience with complementary therapies, NONE of them had direct experience to form their opinions. Yet, they all had a 'story' of someone's brother, or sister-in-law, or whomever, that had tried a nutritional approach, or had gone to Mexico, or had tried some alternative approach, yet the person had died anyway. This was sufficient for them to look only to allopathic medicine. (Can I mention the number of them that showed up eating fast food? None of them juiced or thought nutrition was a valid method of healing.)

      2) When a friend's mother was diagnosed with cancer, I had a number of recommendations for her. "Well," my friend said, "my mother is going to try radiation first. She doesn't want to do anything, or take anything that will interfere with the treatment. But, maybe later..."

      I've heard that response numerous times.

      3) A friend wrote to me, frantic that her sister-in-law had been diagnosed with cancer. Once again, I put together a group of very beneficial recommendations. Some time later I asked my friend how her sister-in-law was doing. "Oh, she decided to try taking large amounts of Vit. C".

      Ah, I see. She obviously doesn't value her life too much. She didn't want to change anything else and took the easiest suggestion I had. I don't personally value the Vit. C suggestion a lot. I consider an adjunct therapy. But, I know a lot of people who would grab that option because its much easier than changing their lifestyle.

      For anyone who wants to learn the history of the demise of alternative therapies, read "When Healing Becomes a Crime". (see reference).

    Can't "Natural Healing" and "Medical Science" work together?
    This case is heart breaking...

    A 13-year-old Minnesota boy whose family has rejected chemotherapy to treat his cancer is near Los Angeles, California, with his mother, and the pair may be planning to travel to Mexico, authorities said Thursday.

    Brown County, Minnesota, Sheriff Rich Offmann cited "reliable information" in making the announcement to reporters, adding that Colleen Hauser may be seeking treatment for her son's lymphoma in Mexico, just south of San Diego, California.

    Daniel's symptoms of persistent cough, fatigue and swollen lymph nodes were diagnosed in January as Hodgkins lymphoma.In February, the cancer responded well to an initial round of chemotherapy, but the treatment's side-effects concerned the boy's parents, who chose not to pursue further chemo and instead solicited other medical opinions.

    Court documents show that the doctors estimated the boy's chance of five-year remission with more chemotherapy and possibly radiation at 80 percent to 95 percent.

    But the family rejected standard treatment, opting instead for a holistic medical treatment based on Native American healing practices called Nemenhah.In a written statement issued last week, an attorney for the parents said they "believe that the injection of chemotherapy into Danny Hauser amounts to an assault upon his body, and torture when it occurs over a long period of time."

    Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN chief medical correspondent, said he had no doubts about what to do."My advice would be to treat him, without question," he said. "He has a very, very good chance of surviving, being cured and never having to deal with this again. As a doctor, as a fellow citizen, I would say he should be treated."

    But Zwakman told CNN's "American Morning" program Thursday that he knows five people who have been cured with natural healing.

    Mankato, Minnesota, lawyer Calvin P. Johnson, who identified himself as the Hauser family's attorney, has declined interviews but issued a statement "by way of clarification and hopefully to aid your understanding of the procedural nuances in the Danny Hauser case."

    The statement listed 12 points. Among them:
    The first and foremost important principle is: It is a violation of spiritual law to invade the consciousness of another without their consent.
    This is a case of Love vs. Power. Love gives. Power takes. The state does not have a right to take.
    A parent's love and affection is a positive social right we all share.
    The court compelled Colleen Hauser to make a decision between three chemotherapy providers. Apparently, she didn't like the list.
    The court was forcing her to decide. The decision for treatment cannot be forced.

    Anthony and Colleen Hauser share Danny's viewpoint: They do not approve of chemotherapy. Under the circumstances of this case, chemotherapy constitutes assault and torture when given to a young man who believes that it will kill him.
    Edit: Don't vilify the parents without stepping into their shoes. This is NOT about their beliefs or faith. Its more about them not wanting to 'torture' their boy with chemo. Yes, i know chemo is life-saving..i have good friends & family too, still with us today thanks to Chemo...
    My Q is simple...can't people such as these who are scared of chemo be counselled & led into it gently with the help of 'natural healing' methods??

    By "Natural Healing" i mean any sort of faith or spiritual belief that will help ease their fear...

    Here in India, we have yoga...i know many many clinics that treat supposedly terminal ill patients with new age medicine but hand-in-hand with yoga...which helps tremendously.

    • ANSWER:
      Faith, Natural healing &Medical science do sometimes work together but if medical science think that you have a better chance of survival rate using chemo they would rather you take that route, and if this case goes to court and it is proved that this lad has a better survival rate with chemo the courts will be in favour of this,and if their is no chance of survival then the parents will be left to seek alternative medicine. I do agree that chemo is very gruelling on the body but the drugs are getting better and better and more help is available in coping with the side effects from the chemo. read through this link Faith and you will see that Nemenhah group’s leader, Phillip Landis, has been convicted of fraud.

    I need help convincing other people on herbal supplment i have developed for liver related infections and HIV?
    The herbal supplement i have developed can cure liver related infections like Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and Liver Cirrhosis etc completely. It brings CD4 counts or T-Cells into normal range in HIV infected people preventing them to develop AIDS. I have two case records where people have even turned HIV negative from HIV positive. I have several case records where I have been able to eliminate HBsAg and HCV virus completely on those people who suffered from Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C. This supplement is good for both alcohol related and viral related liver cirrhosis. I have been practicing this for nearly 10 years and everyone i have treated are in good health so far. I have recordings of my interviews in national televisions, patient records showing before and after the treatment, and several published news in several newspapers in Nepal to prove the credibility.
    Here is one real example:
    September 04, 2003 (before) October 31, 2003 (after)
    Serum Bilirubin (total) 6.3 msg/dl. After -> 0.8 msg/dl.
    Conjugated 4.8 mgs/dl. After -> 0.3 msg/dl.
    Unconjugated 1.5 mgs/dl. After -> 0.5 msg/dl.
    Serum Protein (total) 4.8 gm/dl. After -> 6.8 gm/dl.
    Albumin 2 gm/dl. After -> 3.6 gm/dl.
    Globulin 2.8 gm/dl. After -> 3.2 gm/dl.
    Serum Alt(GPT) 36 U/ml After -> 16 U/ml
    Serum Alkaline Phosphate 12.3 KAU/dl. After -> 9.0 KAU/dl.
    Hepatitis B After -> HBsAg-Non Reactive

    I am looking for someone who can assist me in convincing rest of the world in my findings. Can anyone help? I can be reached at

    • ANSWER:
      I hope you are successful in this as so many suffer from these things and medical science is useless here. Unfortunately, in the us the AMA has a history of going to people with successful herbal formulas (example hoxsey) and even regular doctors treating successfully with "non approved" treatments and harassing them.

      In these cases they offered to buy the treatment, apparently with the purpose of holding the rights and then putting it on the shelf to keep using their expensive profit making treatments like drugs, surgery, chemo, radiation etc.

      They have reached the point where a system has been set up where money over-rides cures if that makes sense.

      Unfortunately, the medical journals that most doctors read are full of high priced pharmaceutical ads for drug companies..when these respected journal (ie like new England journal of medicine and things like that) publish articles or studies showing the effectiveness of simple, safe, inexpensive, alternative treatments like herbs etc, the drug makers running the ads threaten to pull out their advertising dollars which keeps the journals/magazines afloat. They have done this in the past and magazines folded and this example is remembered by other magazine that are then to scared to publish this info and so most doctors never get to read it.

      The drug makers spend millions of dollars patenting a drug and are not wanting people using things which they could grow or pick themselves.

      This is the dilemma they face..when people refuse to sell their products, the AMA has in the past set out to destroy the hoxsey's case they sued multiple times but hoxsey was the first person to win a case against the AMA when tons of healed cancer victims came in and testified complete with medical records saying they were going to die in x number of months and years later they were still hear..angered somehow they eventual sued and got all his clinics across American closed the same day and he could not afford court battles in all these states and so he was forced to move to Mexico.

      The respected doctor that refused to sell was a victim of rumors they apparently started that his treatment was contaminated by the aids virus and they tried to take his medical license and he wound up fleeing to another country.

      I would therefore think it will be hard to do this here other than writing a book and trying to sell it through health food stores but not claims I don;t think can be made on any herbal supplement so you will have to convince through education/books and then hope people seek the product out.

      a better option might be trying to market in another country that is more open to herbs like Canada or Europe

      You can hear the very interesting story of hoxsey by viewing the video here

      In light of this desire to not cure or treat outside established medicine to maintain the huge industry, it will be hard.

      Maybe going to aids support groups or maybe even the gay community (they are not the only people who get aids but you know they are interested in the topic) or maybe hanging outside places say alcoholics might gather and seeing if you can find people with Cirrhosis who might be willing to try it and by enlisting people to try it and having it spread word of mouth if successful will help the word spread.

      I do remember a book I read by a "doctor's doctor" (allopath) who turned to alternative health and discovered organic olive leaf cured many viral/bacterial/fungal and protozoan illnesses including things like AIDS, anthrax, bird flu etc and published a book..through the cases were anonymous, he wrote that the AIDS cases were all the real people's names as they insisted he use their real names to try to add weight as they were healed and wanted others to be healed to.

      Maybe such as approach will work for you. Unfortunately you are battling a system of medicine that does not want competition except a little light "complementary" medicine that is used as an addition and not the "real" or primary treatment which they insist only the doctors etc are not quacks and this will make it hard for people in need to get your product..also much work is done to try to convince people that alternative medicine is full of quacks trying to scam them so people are afraid to try stuff and this suits the AMA fine.

      It is a sad day when profit comes above people's lives.
      You need to find people already interested in alternative health perhaps.

      Drs like Lorraine day who heal themselves using alternative health and tell people are often ostracized by their doctor peers and attempts made to discredit them. People like Kevin
      Trudeau they get people to think he is a scammer to blunt the info that can help people..they try all the time to try to outlaw suplements or regulate them so they can maintain their exclusive right to our health

    My Grandma has Lung Cancer....?
    And her pains just started about a week ago. I read somewhere that once the pain starts they only have like a couple months. Can you tell me how long you think she has(You are going to say it depends because everyone is different) but please she has it really bad can you please tell me if you think it will be quick or long or what? thanks

    • ANSWER:
      If she is getting chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery, her life expectancy will be less than if she does nothing. That's the first thing to consider. The next thing is to look into alternative methods of dealing with cancer if she wants to live. I strongly suggest she look into the Gerson Clinic located in San Diego, California. The actual clinic for healing is in Mexico because the only legal methods of dealing with cancer was established in 1946 by Congress making all other forms of treatments illegal.

      The Gerson Clinic gets results and has thousands of people being cured of this dreaded disease. Only 2 - 3% of people getting treated in the U.S. with conventional cancer treatments live longer than 5 years. The success rate in the U.S. is so bad that they had to redefine what a cure was. So they came up with this 5 year survival rate farce and are telling people to get diagnosed early. The 5 year starts when diagnosed, so the earlier you get diagnosed, the better statistic will be when you die. If you die at 5 years 1 day, you were cured, but still died from cancer. Amazing. Simply amazing how deceptive and clever they can get.

      If your grandmother has had typical medical treatments, her chances are far less of being cured. If you contact the Gerson Clinic, she could have a far better chance of survival.

      good luck to you

    What states can you be a licensed naturopathic doctor?
    My passion in life is to heal and help people. I just want to know what states can I be a licensed naturopathic doctor.

    Also, on a side note, @Just_a_dad, you know why doctors wont use treatments that work? Watch The Beautiful Truth. The FDA and the Government don't want us to know the truth because they want us to keep paying for expansive treatments and it's also a form of population control. Because if you had cancer or nearly any other disease you could cure yourself at home by eating the right foods and taking herbal medicine. There is a hospital in Tijuana, Mexico that practices the "Gerson Therapy" which was discovered in the 1920's by doctor Max Gerson that cures cancer. It's in Tijuana because it's illegal to practice the therapy in the USA.
    That's the truth for you.

    • ANSWER:
      There are 15 states listed at the above site.
      To the anti-holistic trolls: many local medical associations will revoke an MD's license to practise if they do anything other than prescribe drugs. Medical associations are like Unions for MD's. They can't take the competition. They're also practically run by the drug companies who don't like competition either. They're not above hiring people to post rants against alternative medicine on sites like this and others. These paid "social networkers" are pretty obvious, always post the same crap, and always resort to the same tactics of insulting people who disagree with them.

    some lines on capsicum?
    it is the compition in my school who writes the best on y favourite vegetable

    • ANSWER:
      Other common name(s): capsaicin, cayenne, chili pepper, hot pepper, red pepper, paprika, pimiento, long pepper, conoids

      Scientific/medical name(s): Capsicum annum, Capsicum frutescens

      Capsicum is the name of a group of annual plants in the nightshade (Solanaceae) family. They are native to Mexico and Central America but are cultivated for food in many warmer regions of the world. Capsicum varieties include the cayenne pepper, jalapeño pepper, other hot peppers, and paprika. Capsaicin is the most-studied active ingredient in the plant and has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use on the skin.

      What is the history behind it?
      As far back as 5000 BC, Indians in South America ate meals prepared with hot peppers. Native Mexican Indians and some Chinese (Hunan and Szechuan) are also known to have used hot peppers in many dishes and continue to do so. These cultures have also used hot peppers in herbal medicine to treat numerous conditions over the years.

      While foods made with different kinds of peppers are popular in a variety of ethnic cuisines, it is only in recent years that interest in using capsaicin from hot peppers to manage pain and other symptoms or illnesses has grown. Medical researchers are now looking at the use of capsaicin as a possible cancer treatment.

      How is it promoted for use?
      Capsaicin in topical form is promoted mainly for pain caused by conditions such as arthritis and general muscle soreness. The FDA approved a topical form of capsaicin for treating pain more than twenty years ago that is still sold without a prescription. There is some evidence that capsaicin may be useful in managing post-surgical pain from mastectomy, thoracotomy (chest surgery), amputation, and other surgery related to mainstream cancer treatment. Researchers have found that capsaicin may provide temporary relief for pain from mouth sores caused by chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

      Some proponents claim that capsaicin has antioxidant properties that help to fight the carcinogen nitrosamine, a cancer-causing agent. An antioxidant is a compound that blocks the action of free radicals, activated oxygen molecules that can damage cells. Still others claim that it may prevent DNA damage and lung cancer due to cigarette smoke. Available evidence does not support claims of protection from the effects of smoking.

      Over the years, the Capsicum annum or Capsicum frutescens herb has been used by alternative medicine practitioners as a remedy for a variety of conditions, such as upset stomach, menstrual cramps, headaches, shingles, diarrhea, loss of appetite, stomach ulcers, poor digestion, sore throat, itching, alcoholism, motion sickness, toothache, malaria, and yellow fever. Some practitioners also claim it can prevent colds, heart disease, and stroke; increase sexual potency; foster weight loss; and strengthen the heart.

    What is the point in going into the Alternative Medicine category with the sole purpose of discrediting it?
    It seems like a waste of time, yet almost every question I read in this section is answered by two members in particular who always have something negative to say...Why bother? I mean do they sit there all day waiting for things to debunk? How childish. Has anyone else noticed this?

    A message to those of you whom this post refers to: We don't want to hear it! Obviously if people are looking into alt. medicine, they want something that conventional medicine does not have to offer.

    I wonder if they also run into churches and temples screaming "god is dead!!!" I mean after all, there is no proof...
    You are entitled to your opinion. Here's mine: Pill pushing allopathic medicine is quackery!
    Well, then I ought to spread the word to everyone who's listening about the dangers of prescription meds...Nutritionists have a far less sordid agenda than Big Pharma!
    I wonder why Rhianna felt that I was referring to her specifically when I never once used her name (or anyone else's for that matter), and she was not in fact one of the people I had in mind while posting!
    LOL! It is so funny how somehow people took my post so personally, when I never actually called anyone out! I wonder if these so called "skeptics" are skeptical of anything that the mainstream media tells them is safe...I don't know, I'm skeptical of anything that claims to cure one medical problem while causing 3 or 4 any commercial for prescription meds, you'll see what I mean.

    BTW-- It's not only homeopathic medicines that "treat symptoms"; most prescription meds and OTC's only treat symtoms as well.
    LOL! It is so funny how somehow people took my post so personally, when I never actually called anyone out! I wonder if these so called "skeptics" are skeptical of anything that the mainstream media tells them is safe...I don't know, I'm skeptical of anything that claims to cure one medical problem while causing 3 or 4 any commercial for prescription meds, you'll see what I mean.

    BTW-- It's not only homeopathic medicines that "treat symptoms"; most prescription meds and OTC's only treat symtoms as well.
    Oh I SEE...You're SAVING people...My god the ego...
    "Quackery is something that makes claims without any evidence. Call conventional medicine's evidence garbage if you choose, but it is still more evidence presented than any alternative treatment, therefore if conventional medicine is quackery so is the alternative by default"

    Yeah, because they get the same funding to do their research, right? And research is NEVER skewed...why can't people apply the same skeptical reasoning to the other side?

    • ANSWER:
      The point is just to discredit what's work and could jeopardize private financial interest..

      Despite all the campaigns against supplements :

      There was not even one death caused by a dietary supplement in 2008, according to the most recent information collected by the U.S. National Poison Data System. The new 174-page annual report of the American Association of Poison Control Centers, published in the journal Clinical Toxicology, shows zero deaths from multiple vitamins; zero deaths from any of the B vitamins; zero deaths from vitamins A, C, D, or E; and zero deaths from any other vitamin.

      Additionally, there were no deaths whatsoever from any amino acid or herbal product. This means no deaths at all from blue cohosh, echinacea, ginkgo biloba, ginseng, kava kava, St. John’s wort , valerian, yohimbe, Asian medicines, ayurvedic medicines, or any other botanical. There were zero deaths from creatine, blue-green algae, glucosamine, chondroitin, melatonin, or any homeopathic remedies.

      Read the full article at :

      Lets think together The USA’s official health care, in the past ten years, ranked anywhere from 32nd to 72nd in quality. Also the number of death by medical errors are around , each year, a 800 000 deaths ...

      On a ten year basis the number of iatrogenic deaths is more than all the casualties from wars that America has fought in its entire history . See the numbers and why at :
      EDIT : Don't shoot the messenger : I am just giving you few numbers here :

      According to the American Cancer Society in 2004

      Male : 47 % chance of getting cancer.
      Female : 38% chance of getting cancer.
      According to WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer at a news conference National Cancer Institute of Mexico
      Cancer Rates To Double by 2030
      Do You follow ? 47 X2 ? or 38X2 ?
      Average cost of cancer $ 500 000

      According to the highly respected German epidemiologist, Dr. Ulrich Abel from the Tumor Clinic of the University of Heidelberg success rare of the so called " ”Cures" :
      2 to 3 %

      As confirmed by an investigation of the Department of Radiation Oncology, Northern Sydney Cancer Centre, Australia, The overall contribution of curative and adjuvant cytotoxic chemotherapy to 5-year survival in adults was estimated to be 2.3% in Australia and 2.1% in the USA.”
      Clinical Oncology (2004) doi:10.1016/j.clon.2004.06.007

      IMO The 2 % to 3 % success rate could be attributable to the use of supplements as 85% of the cancer patients use alternative medicine as complementary.

      ”Cure is defined as being alive 5 years after diagnosis and patients who fail to “complete” conventional treatment protocols are excluded from overall statistics...

      Some well informed people know about this :

      In a survey of 79 oncologists from McGill University Cancer Center in Canada, 64 said they would not consent to treatment with Cisplatin, a common chemotherapy drug, while 58 oncologists said they would reject all the current trials being carried out by their establishment.

      So do the maths again and check my sources please..
      Written on a dashboard by a cancer survivor who refused chemo ..

      Peace on Earth, Goodwill to all Men !!

    Dad died of MRSA in Ward 206 Edinburgh Little France?
    He had end stage renal failure and when the dialysis catheter went in it was infected with mrsa, which spread to his heart and killed him.

    I'm wondering if I should pursue a legal case against the hospital or if I should just let it go.

    Dad was 78 years old and besides heart problems (heart attack aged 60) he was a healthy robust individual.
    I know that at 78 with his previous conditions it was a difficult or nearly impossible thing for dad. But the MRSA was in the catheter (or the dialysis port / tube they put in his chest) and they confirmed that when they removed it. The day he died they said they thought it had happened again.

    As far as I was aware, dad was on vancomycin for about three weeks.
    I know that at 78 with his previous conditions it was a difficult or nearly impossible thing for dad. But the MRSA was in the catheter (or the dialysis port / tube they put in his chest) and they confirmed that when they removed it. The day he died they said they thought it had happened again.

    As far as I was aware, dad was on vancomycin for about three weeks.

    • ANSWER:
      Good luck and talk about waiting in line to sue the hospitals? They have so many lawsuits it's pathetic. We wanted to sue the hospital where my mother in law was being cared for because she had an operation. Operation went great her doctor wanted them to leave the respiratory tube down her throat since they had problems putting it in, and wanted her to recoup a little. Well the respiratory doctor came and went against what her doctors orders and started to remove the tube which was some how not inserted correctly, and bang she started to suffocate and ended up having a heart attack and died. Do you know whet they wrote on her death certificate? That she died from the pancreatic cancer, that she had numerous cancer tumors. Well she had been going to alternative treatment prior in Mexico for cancer. My husband and his sister hired a private pathologist to do the autopsy. Do you know what he found or shall I say did not find? He said she had no cancerous tumors in her. She died from the respirator tube that punctured her lung, which caused her to suffocate which stressed her out, and she had a heart attack. We tried hiring attorneys and nobody would touch it. If we had mega $$$$ or were some kind of important public figure than we could have probably sued. That respiratory specialist killed her not the cancer.
      Another hospital miss hap was when my grandpa was having his chemo from throat cancer and they some how gave him too much chemo and ended up dying from a heart attack not the cancer. Too many horror stories that why they say doctors are practicing medicine not curing. Sad huh?
      However, good luck it is all up to you and if a lawyer will even take on the case.

    Was it Amnesty International's place to slam Nicaragua's pro-life laws...?
    ...and call them a "cruel, inhuman disgrace"? And furthermore, asserted that the country's abortion ban broke international law, while in reality there is no UN treaty that even mentions abortion.

    There seems to be a conflict of interest here.
    Let's kill the babies instead, that sounds like a morally sound plan.

    The organization also claimed that maternal morality rates increased, while they actually dropped in 2007.
    "ince Amnesty released its Nicaragua report, the organization is being asked to account for their findings. Matthew Hoffman, a reporter for investigating Amnesty’s claims about the Nicaraguan ban, found that the organization had actually falsified the date the criminal code was changed in "an apparent attempt to cover up the fact that maternal mortality actually fell in 2007, the year after exceptions in the penal code for 'therapeutic abortions' were abolished."

    • ANSWER:
      Why yes, it is their place to slam Nicaragua.

      Maternal mortality shot up over 100% due to these obscene laws.

      The UN has notified the gov't of FOUR conventions that the total ban violates.

      The UN Committee against Torture is the fourth UN treaty body to demand that the Nicaraguan government repeal the complete ban on abortion in all circumstances because this ban violates the rights of women and girls. The UN Human Rights Committee, the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and the UN Committee on the Elimination of All forms of Discrimination Against Women have already highlighted to the Government of Nicaragua that this law breaches Nicaragua’s international legal obligations and places the lives and health of women and girls in jeopardy.

      "Nicaragua’s ban of therapeutic abortion is a disgrace. It is a human rights scandal that ridicules medical science and distorts the law into a weapon against the provision of essential medical care to pregnant girls and women," said Kate Gilmore, Amnesty International’s Executive Deputy Secretary General at a press conference in Mexico City as she returned from a visit to Nicaragua.

      "Nicaragua’s Penal Code is a callous and cynical artefact of the political wheeling and dealing that took place in the country’s 2006 elections. Today, however, it punishes women and girl children for seeking life saving medical treatment and doctors for providing it."

      "There’s only one way to describe what we have seen in Nicaragua: sheer horror," said Kate Gilmore. "Children are being compelled to bear children. Pregnant women are being denied essential including life saving medical care."

      "What alternatives is this government offering a 10-year-old pregnant as a result of rape? And to a cancer sufferer who is denied life saving treatment just because she is pregnant, while she has other children waiting at home?" said Kate Gilmore.

alternative cancer treatment in mexico